Writing as Self-Help Therapy — To Feel Better

So last time I wrote about how to write fast. But I didn’t address the WHY of writing.

Today, that’s what I’m going to write about.

Not all the reasons. You might write because you have an assignment, or becauseyou get paid for it, or whatever.

But this is about writing to feel good.

Let’s say you’re depressed, in pain, or even stressed. How can writing help?

A number of ways:

1) What DO you want?

You can write what you would prefer to happen. Write down a list of the things you don’t want, then one at a time, cross them out and write what you DO want instead.

Example: I’m concerned about not having enough money. I enjoy having plenty of money at all times.

2) You can write a gratitude list

This might sound a bit corny, but it works miracles. While you’re feeling grateful you can no longer feel miserable. Repeat as necessary.

3) Self-compliments

You can write a list of self-compliments or a list of successes — to put things into perspective.

4) Write about your feelings or events in your life

You can write about how you’re feeling or about what’s going on in your life — and you can even shape it into poetry if you like. This kind of writing takes the unsaid and makes it visible — which gives you power over it.

You can shape it, transform it, as you would if you were to turn it into a poem, or you could even crumple it up and toss it into a waste basket.

Give it a try. Writing can be GREAT therapy.

2 thoughts on “Writing as Self-Help Therapy — To Feel Better

  1. Paula Eder

    This is such straightforward and powerful advice … thanks for sharing it! I’ve had many of my coaching clients try the simple practice of writing down three gratitudes each night before bed. They report that it has transformed their perspective in positive ways that they would never have imagined or predicted.

  2. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi Paula,

    thanks for your comment and for sharing your coaching clients’ experiences. Yes, it’s amazing how such seemingly little things can make a huge difference. Reminds me to get more diligent myself about doing my own writing!

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