What Happened to Roger Mellott?

As regular readers know, Roger Mellott is one of my all-time favorite stress management and personal growth gurus.

The “late” Roger Mellott, that is. Someone asked me what happened to him and how long ago, especially since his booking info is still to be found online.

I was embarrassed to realize I didn’t even remember exactly when it happened. I remember being very sad because I had really hoped to see him live one day.

I had also wanted to write him to tell him how much of a difference his amazing audio course (Stress Skills for Turbulent times) had made in my life.

And then he died. This taught me a lesson about procrastination. Not that I always remember. But just writing this brings it back.

If we want to tell someone how much they mean to us, or how much of a difference they’ve made in our lives, we better do it when we have the chance!

So I went and found some traces of what happened. NASA used to have a very nice memorial page for ihim, but I can’t find it right now. The only things I could find are here:

Roger Mellott on NASA website

And here’s what I found on Google:

Roger Mellott Memorial Listing on Google

The first link no longer works, but the second one still does, and it leads to the entry above on NASA’s website.

Roger was pretty much NASA’s house stress management expert, and they had some very nice entries about him when he passed away. His memorial service was on February 12, 2006. So it’s been more than 3 years.

Do I know what happened? No. I would love to know, so if anyone knows more and would like to share, or simply wants to leave a comment in memory of Roger and his work, please do.



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  1. Mary A.

    Thank you for the information about Roger Mellott. I’ve also been a huge fan since the mid-1980’s when I bought his “Stress Management for Professionals” set. I’ve bought and given away and re-listened to those recordings so many times! I’m wondering if SM for Professionals is a similar or different program than SM in Turbulent times. Do you know? I’ve found that depending on the copyright date, SM for Professionals has varying collections of stories and ones that overlap are told in a different sequence.

  2. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi Mary,

    they are from different events. Actually, Stress Tips for Turbulent Times is hugely more fun and entertaining than the other one. If you have a chance to grab a copy, get it. You will love it, I can pretty much guarantee it.

    It was a live workshop he did for women only, and he was just on a roll. I have listened to that program DOZENS of times and I’m still not tired of it.

    In comparison, the regular Stress Management for Professionals is almost boring, though of course it has all the great info in it, plus Roger is great as always. Just in comparison with the Turbulent Times audio, it doesn’t even come close.

    You can usually find a copy of it on Amazon.com

    I also was lucky enough to nab a copy of one of his videos — the courage to see clearly — which is great too.

    Somewhere (I cannot remember where) he said that there was one program he did (that was recorded) where he didn’t think he did it all that well (i.e., not as polished) and yet it turned out to be his most popular program ever. I would bet almost anything that he was talking about the Turbulent Times audio.

    Thanks again for writing, and let me know what you think of the audio if you can find it.


  3. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi Mary,

    thanks so much for sending the obit (I had no idea he had 6 kids!).

    And also the update on the NASA blog. I guess I must have missed the ending or gotten side-tracked somehow. I never found that bit about him dying in his sleep.

  4. Catherine Mellott

    Hi, I don’t know if anyone is still interested in information about Roger but if you are I would be happy to share about his life and death. He was my husband. His dying so suddenly and prematurely is a great loss to all who benefitted from his teaching especially his family. I don’t know where this blog originated but one of my daughters found it and sent it to me. You may email me with any other questions. Sincerely, Catherine Mellott

  5. Carol Cox

    I have his tape “Stress Skills for Turbulent times” for over 10 years and I tell people about them all the time. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I am shocked to hear of his passing. I can only assume that his teachings were a benefit to all who listened. Listening to these 4 tapes has helped me to deal with the stress in my life.

    My deepest sympathies.

    Carol Cox
    Thorold, Ontario Canada

  6. Elisabeth Post author

    Dear Catherine,

    I wrote back privately but just realized I should have left a reply here as well. My apologies for the delay.

    Thank you so much for writing and getting in touch. My deepest sympathies to you. Roger’s teachings have made a huge difference in my life, as you can see at least to some extent from my blog posts.

    And I am grateful to be able to tell you that — since I never did get a chance to thank Roger himself for the difference he has made. But clearly he knew how valuable his teaching and his wisdom was to those who knew him and/or his teachings.

    With gratitude,


  7. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi Carol,

    thanks for writing. Yes, those four tapes are pure magic! I have bought multiple copies of them over the years, to lend to friends and also as a back-up, in case a tape player eats them. I don’t think anything else I own has gotten this many listens as Roger’s Stress Skills for Turbulent Times.

    Hopefully, they’ll get reissued in a digital format sometime soon…

    All best,


  8. Elfya

    Dear Catherine,

    My deepest sympathies for the loss of your husband. I, too, have had such a pleasure of listening to Roger’s tapes years ago. They made such a lasting impression and I remember so much of what was said. I loved his sense of humor and could relate tremendously to what he was saying.

    I just came across this blog as I had for the last few days been thinking how great it would be to be able to listen to “Stress Management for Professionals” in the car.

    I am so much looking forward to be able to purchase the tapes on Itunes.

    Warm Regards,


  9. Trayce

    OH NO! I am heartbroken to hear of Roger’s passing! I, too, had my life changed by his Turbulent Times tape series – so much so that I converted it to digital once I owned a Mac sophisticated enough to do such things. I was so afraid I would wear the tape OUT I listened to it so many times! It still holds a prominent place on my iPod. 🙂

    While I’m shocked to hear of his death, I’m grateful that it was a peaceful passing. I would expect no less from such a fantastic human being.

    I’ve felt guilty all these years handing copies of the digital audio I made to friends and family that I felt would benefit from Roger’s words, but I had trouble locating anywhere to send people to pay for it. I wish they would release something on iTunes! Maybe I can write to Catherine Mellott and see what she thinks. 🙂

    Thank you for providing this information. It is so sad to learn this news, but at least now I have some answers on whatever happened to Roger Mellott. 🙁

  10. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi Trayce,

    thanks so much for writing. It’s great to connect with others who have also been touched by Roger’s amazing tapes.

    And I also hope that they will become available in digital form soon (and yes, I too have a digital version — a friend of mine made it for me so I could listen to him on my iPod — I wore out several sets of cassette tapes! They’re as timely as ever, and the way things are going, we really need his message!

    Thanks again, and ll best,


  11. endre kovacs

    Rogers tapes on Stress management fro proefssionals has meant alot to me and listen to them for those little inisghts. He sounds very young on the tape. I would appreciate if you could let me know a bit more about his background. Sincerely Endre

  12. Doug Domergue

    This note is to Catherine…we never met but Roger was one of my closest friends , fraternity brother @ SAE and roommate at Penn State. My wife Brenda was also a good friend and we last saw Roger in SF in January of 2005, the night before he gave a motivational speech to my sales organization at Aspect Communications. I wanted to buy a couple of beers for him but alas, his Doctor told him alcohol was not a good thing for some heart issue he had so he’d quit drinking. I suspect that heart problem is what ultimately caused his demise.

    Catherine, I am very sorry to learn of Roger’s passing and you have our sympathies. He was a terrific and caring person and had been a wonderful friend.

  13. Kim Hillis


    I would love to reconnect with you. To all, Roger was a personal coach to me. He was with me four day prior to his death here in Pasadena, Ca. I have never had a man, other than my father, have such a personal and professional impact on me. He was insightful, brutally honest and loving all at the same time. I truly loved that man and I hope he knows how much he impacted my life. When I see hawks flying overhead I know it’s Roger letting me know he is still watching over me. Love ya man! Kim Hillis

  14. John Laiche

    I have thought of and talked of Roger so much over the years. I was his electrical guru for a number of years and will never forget all the times we’ve shared. I had the special Privledge of talking, laughing,working, cooking, eating and especially listening to Roger. One night we laughed soo much we nearly wet our pants. He had a very special gift in the way he shared his outlook on life. I have long wanted to drive down

  15. Frederica

    Dear Elisabet,

    My deepest sympathy to you and family.

    I was just introduced to Roger’s tape on “Stress Management for Professionals”, and wanted to find out more information on Roger’s works, therefore, I decided to do a search on him. Unfortunately, I learned of his demise.

    May his soul rest in peace

  16. Kim Hillis


    I would love to reconnect with you. To all, Roger was a personal coach to me. He was with me four day prior to his death here in Pasadena, Ca. I have never had a man, other than my father, have such a personal and professional impact on me. He was insightful, brutally honest and loving all at the same time. I truly loved that man and I hope he knows how much he impacted my life. When I see hawks flying overhead I know it’s Roger letting me know he is still watching over me. Love ya man! Kim Hillis

  17. Kathy Harvey

    I am so heart broken to hear of Roger Mellot’s passing. I never met him in person, but I was deeply moved by his audio tapes. I have searched for cd versions of his Stress Skills for Turbulent Times and have found none. I purchased the cassette form at a career track seminar a long time ago and it touched my life. I still hear his voice inside my head almost everyday reminding me not to spend my Pie on this or that or asking me if my nose is on the screen and many of his other amazing words of wisdom. I became a violence prevention educator and often use his insight to help the kids that I work with learn to manage the stress in their lives. I hope that by passing his words on, his legacy will live on forever. Rest in Peace, Roger.

  18. Linda Frank-Gearon

    How interesting it was for me to find this blog entry today and these comments! I was just speaking of Roger at lunch today with a friend and giving her some insight on some of the things he taught me over the years – spending your pie, fly on a TV screen, and “do what you say you value,” just to name a few. There has never been another person from whom I learned so much and retained the valuable life-changing lessons! I googled his name a couple of years ago to try and find out his conference schedule and discovered that he had died – I was heartbroken! I e-mailed a NASA contact to learn more, but never received a response. I hoped and prayed then that he had died peacefully knowing that his loss had to have been devastating to his family and close friends if his death hit me so hard. I met Roger at a CareerTrack seminar back in 1991 or 1992 and then contracted with him to be the keynote speaker for an annual conference that I coordinated in the mid-90s. He was superb, and the audiences each year loved him! I googled his name today to locate some of his tapes to give to my friend since my personal set from years ago was loaned out and never returned. I just hope his family realizes what a treasure he was to so many people around the country. God bless…

  19. Linda Frank-Gearon

    Elisabeth, I would like to know more about Roger’s last years – would you please forward to me his widow’s e-mail address? Thanks! Mine is LindaFrankGearon at a o l dot c o m.

  20. Scott and Cynthia Fiore

    Catherine – we loved Roger’s stress “tapes” that we listened to over and over again. We are now planning to look for them on DVD and hopefully find a video if that is still available.

    Please accept our heartfelt condolences and know he did much to change this world!


    Scott and Cynthia Fiore

  21. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi LInda,

    thank you for sharing your experience with Roger. So many of us found him and his work through CareerTrack and he has made a huge difference in our lives!

    My apologies for responding so late. I’ve been swamped and was negligent about checking my responses. I’ll mend my ways though, especially now, knowing what I’ve missed!

    Thanks again, I will send you a private email back too.


  22. Kent Boxberger

    I thought I would chime in here. I was driving from SoCal to Vegas today and plugged in my walkman cassette player to the stereo in my truck and listened to Rogers “SMFP” which I haven’t heard for about 10 years (I forgot how good it was). As I sit here in my Hotel room in Vegas, I thought I would get more info about him, and I just learned of his passing as well. Having been to a Tony Robbins seminar a couple of years ago, Roger had some unique insights that everyone should listen to. I wish I could have met the man. my sympathies go out to all the family members.

    If anyone know exactly what happened, I would love to get informed. Thanks.

    -Kent Boxberger

  23. Kalie Walker

    I’m in shock. I am in an Administrative course here in Florida and part of my work is learning about Stress Management. This is how I found out about Roger Mellott. I found his 6 hour talk on “Stress Skills for Turbulent Times” very helpful and I loved the way he made me laugh while teaching me. I was googling to find more of his work when I found this Web site. I am saddened that we have lost such a person, but I am happy that his teachings are still here and that I have had a chance to learn from him.

    Mrs. Kalie Walker
    Winter Park, Florida

  24. Brian Battles

    Wow, I just stumbled onto this page. I just impulsively decided to try to find Roger on Facebook, and when that failed, I did a search on Google. I was stunned to hear that he had died!

    I had the extreme pleasure of spending a good amount of time traveling and working with him when I was Audio Production Manager at CareerTrack Publications in Boulder, CO, in the late 1980s. I greatly enjoyed recording several of his live seminars when I produced his audiocassette program “Stress Management for Professionals.” Of all the incredibly brilliant and talented speakers I worked with at CareerTrack, Roger left me the strongest impression on me. In my job I worked with a number of fascinating people who were outstanding speakers and trainers. Many of them had excellent presentations, but not many struck me as directly useful or applicable. Roger, however, was one of the few who literally changed my life because he said some things that hit me so powerfully that I adopted them as part of my core life philosophy. How often does a speaker say something that truly makes you live it? A couple of examples that I have recounted to hundreds of friends over the years:

    If you heard his tape program, his “Carl” story about the homeless bum who gave Roger a bottle of wine got me with the line, “He didn’t give me his extra, he gave me his only.” I’ve never forgotten that and I can’t remember how many times I’ve handed a stranger money or some food, clothing, or other item that was all I had because I heard Roger in my head and recognized the difference between giving something when you have plenty vs giving someone all you have.

    Another one that always stayed with me was when he said, “A hotel room in Hawaii costs a lot less than a hospital bed. Which would you rather spend a week in?”

    And the best: He would ask the audience to raise their hands if they had ever been in a situation they couldn’t handle. After almost everyone’s hand went up, Roger said, “Think about it, you obviously could and did handle it because you’re here today.”

    On a personal note, Roger first introduced me to sushi when we were taping in Stockton, CA, and he had me pull into an obscure Japanese restaurant where it turned out the sushi chef was a guy who Roger had met when he had studied at one time in Osaka. We gorged on dozens of pieces of delicious sushi and put away a number of cold bottles of Sapporo beer while Roger and the chef chatted in appparently semi-fluent Japanese. And later on that trip we had dinner at a fantastic restaurant right on the water at Bodega Bay in San Francisco where I witnessed my first view of the sun SETTING over the ocean (I’m from the East Coast).

    He was an incredible guy and I had always had the idea in the back of my head that it would be nice to catch up with him someday in person, by phone or maybe Facebook or something. I had no idea what he did after I left CareerTrack in 1989, I knew then that he lived in Littleton, CO, and had a private practice, but I never heard anything about Louisiana or NASA. I hope he had an enjoyable and rewarding career and life after CareerTrack, and it’s a comfort to hear that he died peacefully in his sleep. What a sorrow and disappointment to hear he was gone. My condolences to his family, although I envy you from having been able to know him so much better than I did as a colleague.

  25. Angela J

    Catherine Mellott,
    I just found out today, August 28, 2011 that Roger Mellott passed away 5 years ago. I’m very sad about it. I was given his “SMFP” cassette tapes as a graduation gift in 1999 and have profoundly been affected by his work. As of this day, “Mellott” (as he is affectionately called when regularly referencing him to my mom) has been an emotional healer, supportive friend, and respectful human being all through this tape series. I’ve often thought how great it would be to conduct a workshop with “Mellott” or have him as a guest speaker in my area of cultural competency.

    I happen to be African American and felt so validated when listening to Mellott’s SMFP tapes. He crystallized for me that I may feel different when I walk into a room where others are the same, but I don’t have to feel powerless. I also can go neutral and not waste my energy on someone who’s not conscious…as you can’t enlighten the unconscious as their tea cups are already full. Lastly, but not least, if my number is below 50, be less verbal. As I try to convince someone that they’re wrong and I’m right, my number get’s even lower.

    As you can see, this is how much I have embedded Mellott’s messages in my spirit and they have supported me unconditionally since 1999. My learning from Mellott goes on and on.

    Catherine, if you or your children want to continue your husband’s legacy and want to include a diverse voice, please contact me. I will try to locate your email address as I only saw your name via this blog.

    God Bless you and your family. Your husband has successfully completed his legacy of empowering others on earth.

  26. Sylvia

    I first heard of Roger Mellott at the library where I worked in February 2001 through a three part class (watched his three videos of “Stress Management for Professionals”) offered for staff. After watching each video we discussed what it meant to us. I have a copy of several of his audio programs and recently rediscovered them and have once again begun listening to them somewhat regularly and recommending them to friends.

    As I was doing a google search to find out more about his programs, I came across this sharing about his death. I am saddened. This news was so unexpected by me.

    My condolences to his family and to all of us who benefited from his stories and wonderful examples that brought his ideas to life.

  27. Elisabeth Post author


    thanks so much for writing and sharing those stories and anecdotes with us.

    I especially love your favorite:

    “And the best: He would ask the audience to raise their hands if they had ever been in a situation they couldn’t handle. After almost everyone’s hand went up, Roger said, “Think about it, you obviously could and did handle it because you’re here today.””

    How cool is that! Something to put on a plaque or something, or on a keyring to always have handy when times get rough.

    Sorry for replying so late. I’ve had a few rough months, but yes, I am here now, and working on getting caught up… Time to listen to my “turbulent times” tapes again!

    Thanks again!

  28. Elisabeth Post author


    thank you so much for writing and sharing your experiences and thoughts re Roger’s teachings. I will let Catherine know and forward your email address to her so she can contact you.

  29. Elisabeth Post author

    Thanks for writing and sharing your experiences, Sylvia. Roger’s recordings have helped me through a lot of challenging times, and I’m going to start listening to them again. I must have listened to those tapes dozens of times (I have several sets, just in case one of them wears out!).

    I hope his tapes will soon be made available on CDs (and the videos on DVDs) so that his teachings can continue to help people navigate life’s challenges.

  30. Catherine Mellott

    Hello and a heartfelt thank you to all of you who took the time to write and share your experiences about Roger. I often wondered about people he knew and didn’t know but who knew of him around the country, who didn’t get news of his sudden death. The shock of it was so great that I was in a state of not really being able to reach out to anyone for a time. I am grateful to say that I am in a place of peace and acceptance and was so incredibly touched by this outpouring of love for who he was. I have recently remarried a wonderful man whom I believe Roger sent but that is another whole story. Anyway I feel like it is time to share the time I spent with Roger for all of you who never met me. I would love to be able to create CD’s of his work because it does seem like the wisdom is timeless. I do not have a clue as to how to go about it though. A company called wisenow bought the rights to sell his tapes before I met him and they are the ones who sell them now on Amazon. We had talked about doing it several times but just never did. Brian, perhaps you could steer me in the right direction as to how to go about it since you were in that line of work. Hearing from all of you and how he made your lives better gave me such joy and I know it meant so much to him as well. I will try to fill in some of the details of his last years for all of you and my email address is cathmellott@aol.com and you can feel free to contact me at any time.

    I met Roger through mutual friends on a trip to New Orleans to visit my sons who were in college at tulane and Loyola. My first husband Doug and i met and married in New Orleans in 1977. We had 4 children and moved to colorado in 1990 where I was from to be near my family. Sadly Doug died from cancer in 1996 but I and the kids remained in Colorado. the 2 oldest chose to return to New Orleans for college. My husband Doug and I’s best friends in New Orleans had met Roger through one of the coaches for the New Orleans Saints. They set us up on a blind date while I was visiting in April of 2001 and by August we were married. It was just one of those things that you knew was meant to be. I am a registered nursue and was working in mind/body/spirit groups for people with cancer at the time we met so our professions really blended.
    I moved back to New Orleans and we lived north of the city in covington on a three acre botanical garden site thaat he had been developing for the last 10 years. John Laiche who wrote above did all of the electrical work because Roger had lights running throughout the entire property to create a wonderland at night. His garden was his pride and joy and he worked endlessly on improving it. When I met him he was doing keynote speaking and giving stress manangement workshps as well as coaching for CEO’s. His main client was NASA and he was so passionate about the human space flight program. He did some coaching of the Space Shuttle commanders and chief astronauts as well as different heads of programs throughtout all of the space centers. He became one of their go to men when needing conflict resolution and after the columbia crash he was extremely involved with the return to flight program even getting to be in the launch room for the 1st flight return. NASA by far was his first love when it came to companies he worked with and he learned so much from everyone he worked with and they became like a family to him.
    Together we had 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls. Two were his and 4 were mine. His kids still lived in Denver with their mom but we visited frequently. The families blended fairly easily and we shared some incredible times together. I quit nursing and became his business mananger. He absolutey loved his work and told me he also for the first time absolutely loved his life. I was amazed to be the wife of this incredible man and so proud of who he had become. Life was really good. Then came the hurricane…Katrina… We lived north of the city so that we were not flooded but hundreds of trees on the property were laying around like pick-up sticks. Huge trees that crushed everything except out house. It was pretty miraculous that our house was spared. Still the aftermath was extremely difficult in trying to restore what was lost. My oldest daughter was getting married in November that year and we had to cancel the wedding because there were no hotels open etc. We rescheduled the wedding for Feb. We were working hard to get the property back in shape for the wedding. He had a 2 day seminar to give @ Kennedy Space Center that week on Tuesday and Wednesday and after working all day in the yard he flew to Kennedy that night. We talked on the phone around 11pm and went to bed. About 9:30 the next morning the phone rang and it was Russell who was head of the shuttle program at the time. Roger hadn’t shown up for the meeting that morning and wasn’t answering his cell phone. They called the hotel where he always stayed to see if he ahd checked in and then asked them to go to the room to check on him. They found him in bed just like he was sleeping. They think he died sometime around 3 AM. I still can’t tell the story without crying because the shock was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I had already lost one husband and thought somehow I was immune to this happening again. The next week was a blurr to me and friends and family carried me through a time when I could not do it myself. There was such an outpouring of love and kindness and we had several “parties” celebrating his life filled with laughter and tears. Because my daughter was getting married the next week we had all of this family who came in for the funeral on Sunday and stayed for the wedding on the following Saturday. It was truly a sacred time that none of us would have ordinarily shared toghether. It was such a lesson in life and it’s brevity and it’s need to go on no matter what happens. I don’t think I will ever get over it you just get through it. Losing someone like that is not something that ever feels over but I have to look at the gift of the time I shared and the profound influence he had on my life. I know I am a deeper richer more compassionate woman for having spent 4 years of my life with this man. I also believe that I will see him again and that he watches over all that he loved.

    I am so gratified to know that his teachings still are guiding people to a better life. sincerely, Catherine

  31. Elisabeth Post author

    Dear Catherine,

    thank you so much for sharing all those details about Roger and yourself, and about what happened. I’m glad that he didn’t suffer but reading the story brought tears to my eyes, repeatedly, and I was grappling with how to respond – anything I wrote felt inadequate.

    I’m so very grateful for your generosity in sharing what happened in so much detail and providing answers to the questions many of us had.

    Over the last day or so, since my last post, I’ve started re-listening to the “Turbulent Times” tapes (and now is a really good time for them since times are a bit turbulent for me as well as a lot of others), and I’m struck at how much Roger has become part of my life.

    I know those tapes practically by heart. Roger feels like a close friend and mentor talking to me as I listen to the tapes. I can hardly believe I have never actually met him.

    One of my favorite quotes in that program (something which he says is the key to stress management) is:

    “Do what you say you value”

    That is so true! But not always easy…

    He also talked about his “forest” in Louisiana, and it was wonderful to read your description of it – what an amazing place – I love botanical gardens, old trees, and lights, and I wish I had been able to see it.

    Reading on and discovering how a good part of it was destroyed by Katrina was heartbreaking, though not nearly as much as Roger’s passing.

    But as you wrote, Roger lives on, in his work, and in other ways, and getting his message out to the world in a new format would help many people.

    I’ll write to you privately about a few ideas I have about some possibilities to make that happen.

    In gratitude,


  32. Sandra Mellott Anderson

    I was married to Roger from 1983 to 1991 during the time he acquired his job at Career Track. We have two children together. Sean studied Theatre and Political Science at Tulane University. He is currently an Apprentice at the Actor’s Theatre of Louisville. Kari is teaching 6th and 7th grade math at Elizabeth Middle School in Colorado. We are searching for some of his published materials and would be grateful for any information you have. I have found one publication on Amazon but know there are so many more. Thank you, Sandy

  33. Wanda

    I have loved the ‘Turbulent Times’ tapes so much and almost worn them out over the years. I started looking for Roger and a way to buy them in CD and stumbled upon this site. I am saddened to learn of the loss of this truly inspirational speaker.

    Thank you, Catherine for giving us the information. Best wishes to you and if anyone knows where/when they become available on CD, please let me know at rosesense@comcast dot net

  34. catherine mellott

    Just to let everyone know a company named mindperk has picked up the rights to publish rogers tapes and has made them available in both cd and dvd YOu can get them at their website or on amazon.com thanks for all of your support Catherine Mellott

  35. Elisabeth Post author

    That’s great news! Thanks for letting us know, Catherine! I’m so happy they are finally available again, and on CD (and DVD) too!

    I’ll go check them out on Amazon…

    All best,


    P.S.: I just went and looked, and discovered that the new CD and DVD program is the Stress Management for Professionals program. That’s great.

    However, I really hope that they will reissue the OTHER program as well, which I find EVEN BETTER – Stress Skills for Turbulent Times. Do you know if the new publisher is planning to reissue that program as well. I sure hope so.


  36. Diane

    I have listened to his tapes many time, lent them out and treasure them. Today I heard him talking about health and what half of first time heart attack sufferers share. I never met Roger yet he is one of my favorite people.
    Thanks for sharing- so glad I found this site.

  37. Loretta Rutz

    I was going through old cards I have saved from years and years of attending workshops. I came across a card from Roger. I remember the excitment of sitting in his workshop (a gift from my boss). I was thrilled that I got to speak with him after the workshop. He signed a picture for me to give to my boss. She sent me as she thought I needed the experience. She was a big fan of his. I had forgotten about seeing him until I found the card. It made me curious to get on line and see if I could find his material. It is funny that I only had the one experience and do not own any of his material, but seeing his card brought so much of it back. I attended the workshop with a fellow employee and we were so full of encouragement and powerful information. Our boss was very pleased that we were walking around the office repeating what we had lerned and we were living it. As I am sitting here typing I am taken back more than 10 years. It is nice to know that information is not forgotten just buried deap in the recesses of the mind. I wanted to purchase some of his material and after reading of his death I really need to add his material to my library. Mrs. Mellott all of us want to know if we make a difference while residing here on earth, one small card from your husband took me back in time. Did he make a difference…? He did to me ten years ago and he will again, just as soon as I purchase something. How blessed you were to have shared a life with him.
    God’s peace.

  38. Duncan

    Rogers influence and impact has extended over the pond as I’m a UK citizen

    I was recommended his “Turbulence times” tapes and have listened to them many times, indeed his choice of words and description of situations are used by me today with my colleagues at work and my family.

    Sure Roger and his family would be proud to know that he has such a lasting and positive impact on so many people around he world from so many diverse backgrounds.

    God bless

  39. Diane Roderick

    I too have bought more than one copy of stress management for turbulent times. I would live to suggest having it on audible for sale. Roger really was a hero teacher to me even though I never met him. I think of the part where his little daughter says she wily Wily misses him. Me too

  40. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi Sandy,

    Thanks so much for writing and sharing your personal history with Roger! I’m sorry I missed your comment in the queue and just found it when I updated the whole blog and checked through all the comments too. I will write you personally as well.

    As for Roger’s publications, Amazon has a couple of them listed, specifically Stress Tips for Turbulent Times, which is wonderful. I believe they also have Stress Management for Professionals. I found several items on eBay.

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