Weight Control During the Holiday Season

Halloween is coming up FAST. And I just set up my little freebie for people who want to get on my Halloween tips, deals, and recipe list (and get an ebook with tips for spooky and yummy Halloween Treats).

What they’ll also get as part of the follow-up will be another report — on how to NOT put on weight during Halloween!

I’m still working on that one, so you may have to wait a day or two before you get it. But it’ll be worth it since you may find it helpful for not just Halloween but for the entire holiday season.

Here are just a few highlights…

How to handle the candy and treats situation — especially if you have kids and you don’t have the heart to tell them that there’s not going to be any candy in the house.

How to handle parties so the host won’t be offended if you won’t partake in their specially made pumpkin pie (if you choose to say “no”).

How to indulge yourself without putting your long-term goal at risk.

How to help your metabolism stay strong.

How to make yummy goodies that won’t kill your efforts at weight control (I’ve got a yummy secret recipe that tastes great and is VERY good for you).

And, of course, my old stand-by — sugarfree spiced hot chocolate. Try to avoid aspartame if at all possible though.

You can make your own (by buying the cocoa powder and then using stevia (or one of the new stevia products you can find in the grocery store) to sweeten it. You can even use the Agave syrup — it has a much less intense effect on your blood sugar, meaning that it won’t make your body bring out the insulin, your fat-storing hormone.

About the spices? Experiment. You can try a combination of curry and garam masala, or a dose of Chinese 5 Spice (my current favorite), or just cinnamon and clove, or some pumpkin spice mix, or…

And, here’s another tip: get as much sunlight as possible — and sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night.

Where to find my Halloween goodies, i.e., the free ebook, the Halloween tips, and also my recommendations for where to buy halloween costumes for less? Here:


There’s not a HUGE amount of stuff there, but I will add to it over the next few days! So please do come back!

Happy Autumn!