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I’ve been stretching the definition of Self Help Blog a bit again, what with plastering that cute little banner ad all over the place. Except, it disappeared, never to be found again ๐Ÿ™

But I had to admit, I just loved that banner, the one with the woman looking so happy and joyful as money rained down on her. I wanted to look at that picture OFTEN, and if I could have it blown up and put it on my wall, complete with animation, I would. And well, you’re reading the blog of someone who actually was an Avon rep while still in high school!

But today, I want to get back to more traditional stuff — and post a few links to my most recent batch of ezinearticles ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  And the topic of choice has been time management, in part because I’ve managed to twist Jason’s arm and get the right to sell his phenomenal time management course to my readers:

Destiny Achiever: Time Management for Internet Marketers

Just take a look.ย  I think it’s amazing.ย  And there’s a ton of stuff in it — though don’t feel intimidated. Even just one or two modules will make a wealth of a difference to your stress levels and — especially — to your levels of achievement.ย  You’ll get a ton more done.

In fact, I’ve been playing catch up like mad since I started working with this course. I’m finally getting stuff done, cranking it out, one after the other, that’s been sitting on my desk for months!

To go with my new-found passion, I’ve been writing some ezine articles about that as well, along with some about stress management, separately and in combination, not necessarily disclosing what’s in that course though…

Either way, here they are:

Time Management Techniques

Time Management Exercises

Stress and Time Management

Inspirational Quotes for Stress Reliefย 

And here’s a somewhat tongue-in-cheek article:

Increase Your Stress and Achieve That Heart Attack

And here are 5 MORE tips for how to stay calm under pressure:

How To Stay Calm Under Pressure: 5 More Tips

And in case you missed it, here’s the other article of almost the same title: the original

How To Stay Calm Under Pressure

article, with the first 5 tips.

And while we’re on the topic of stress relief, which includes getting out of the rat race (without getting yourself into REALLY hot water), here’s a free resource you should check out! Tony is the grand master of getting out of the rat race – and helping his mentees do the same!

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Speaking of liberating themselves from their day jobs — there’s one more thing: Jason’s course actually includes the day job liberator, which is a whole module on how to do internet marketing while still holding down a day job — and build your business so you can say bye-bye to your boss!