The Real Secret to Prosperity: Stress Relief

The real secret to prosperity, at least if it is to arrive by way of internet marketing, is to create your own products, and to know how to promote them.

At least that’s the gospel according to Marlon Sanders, one of my all-time favorite gurus and the creator of the info product creation dashboard and the promo dashboard, along with a bunch of other dashboards.

He’s just come out with a new update of his famous and excellent promo dashboard, which I have owned for a couple of years, and which has helped me grow my online marketing expertise a LOT.

So I dug up my old review over at and posted it on my web stuff blog and, well, it’s been so long that I reread it and there are some cool lessons in there.

Go ahead and read my Marlon Sanders Promo Dashboard Review over there…


Get my nutshell lesson over here. And…

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See the beauty of Marlon’s dashboards is that they’re helping us overcome our tendencies to multi-task, and if we get stressed these days it’s because we’re so overwhelmed with all those things we have to do.

Well, promoting stuff is an overwhelming task with tons of moving parts. Especially when you’re new to it, it can be totally overwhelming.

One really good piece of advice from stress management is to focus on the moment and ignore all the rest.

Because right now, right in the moment, you’re okay. I’m okay. I’m doing something that brings me closer to my goal — or at least I would be doing someting if I weren’t fretting about what if…

And so the promo dashboard (and the other dashboards) force you to focus on one small task at a time, and while you do that, they take everything else off the table. It’s just gone.

Instead, they give you everything you need to complete that step! It’s brilliant~

Once you’re done, you go on to the next one, and the next one…

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The same is true for the product creation dashboard.

Now Marlon adds more steps than some of my internet marketer friends who are into turbo product creation, but you can always make adjustments…

The truth is, that product creation also works better when you focus on one thing at a time. One page at a time. And get it done.

So I was surprised to discover that Marlon’s Promo Dashboard is a terrific Stress Relief tool for internet marketers.

And stress relief, of course, is one of the keys to prosperity.

Okay, so all by itself it won’t do the trick, but… without getting a handle on stress, you’re basically driving prosperity out the door. It’s the Law of Attraction, once again.

So this is how that all comes together, and ties back with the eMoney Magic: Click HERE To Check Out Emoney Magic!

And finally, to tie this back to Marlon and my review of his Stress Relief Promo Dashboard…

CLICK HERE for Marlon’s Promo Dashboard!

BTW, the sales page even has my smiling mug shot on it (or used to, last time I checked)! I was pretty surprised to discover that.

Imagine… you’re watching a video online and suddenly, you’re looking at yourself!

And while I love all of Marlon’s stuff, the Promo Dashboard is by far my Favorite!

Have a fantastic day and enjoy those deals…