Stress Tips Continued… Focus on what you DO want

As far as stress tips go, this one is key:

Focus on what you DO want!

When we get stressed, we can easily get so wrapped up in our stressful situation that it’s hard to see beyond it.  That’s a recipe for staying stuck and even making things worse.

Whatever we focus on, we get more of.  Have you ever noticed that?

Now, you may say for example, well, you focus on wanting money, but where is it?

Well… when you focus on wanting more money from the perspective of not having enough of it, guess where your focus REALLY lies.

And speaking of affirmations, especially prosperity affirmations…

I remember that once, on my quest for finding good affirmations for prosperity, I came across the advice to repeat the following affirmation:

“I am a debt-free Millionaire”

Uhm…  I was very far away from debt-free OR a millionaire, and both I and my subconscious knew it.  So where was my focus really when I said that?  On lack!

Not good.  In fact, that sort of thing will only increase your stress and other negative emotions, and probably add despair to the equation.

So what can we do to get around that? Abraham and Abraham-Hicks have some great advice on that, and I’ll introduce you to another amazing resource I’ve been finding very helpful lately in the next few days 😉

The key of their teachings is this:

Focus on what you DO want.  But phrase it in a way that doesn’t trigger contradiction.

So instead of saying, “I have a million dollars in the bank” when you don’t, why not say the following:

“I’d love to have a million dollars in the bank.”


“The idea of having a million dollars in the bank feels really good.”

Doesn’t that make sense?

Ditto for any other issue you might be facing.

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And have a fabulous day!


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