Stress Relief and Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard: Where’s the Connection?

I’ll tell you where.  You know how when you’re stressed, especially over a huge big project, or way too long a to do list, and so on, it can make things go into a tail spin.  How to relief that stress?  Do things one task at a time, and while each one is in progress, that’s where the focus is.  Same thing I told my student many times.  How to handle test stress: One question at a time.  Now what does that have to do with Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard?

As it turns out, plenty.  Promoting a product launch, or even just getting people to sign up for a newsletter is a big project with lots and lots of details, and when any of the steps are missing or stump me or you, it all grinds to a halt.  And gets very stressful.

So Marlon took that prime stress management approach to making product promotion basically uhm, well, not entirely stress free, but much less stressful and overwhelming than it could be.

Of course just looking at the various icons — and seeing that once you click, there are multiple tasks to complete under each one of them, can feel pretty daunting too.  Yes, that dashboard has got a heck of a lot of stuff on it.

But it’s all organized.  One task at a time.  And thoroughly explained.  And all are pretty much in the exact order in which you have to complete them.

So you can just focus on each of the them one at a time and not worry about anything else until it’s done, and then go on to the next one, and so on.

Way cool!  And a great model for other kinds of projects as well (Marlon knows that of course.  After all, he has used that dashboard principle successfully with the Info Product Dashboard, the Marketing Dashboard, the Affiliate Dashboard, and the Design Dashboard, before he even got to the Promo Dashboard.

But back to other applications for the dashboard principle:  Whether it’s an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner for the family reunion or a house cleaning project or planning a long trip or writing a dissertation, the principle is the same.  Figure out in which order things have to get done, and then tackle them one at a time, and while you’re at one of them, don’t look at that loooooong list of stuff  you still have to do.

Although an occasional glance at all the ones you have already finished can be increasingly encouraging as you work your way through the project.

The result.  A whole lot less stress!

So, if you’re at all interested in internet marketing or making money online, you really should check out Marlon’s Promo Dashboard.  It’s simply great!  And heck, for the price you could even get it if all you need is a great model for how to organize a complex process.  It costs less than a one-hour consultation with one of those organizer people.  You can see it by clicking right here:

Marlon’s Promo Dashboard

Oh, and the best part — it’s like you have a tutor at your beck and call.  I just discovered a big thing I know I really need and wanted to learn but didn’t know how to do and felt very intimidated by.

And guess what.  The dashboard walked me right through it, step by step.  And I also found similar explanations for stuff I had only recently learned the very hard and sometimes expensive way.  I really wish I had had that dashboard sooner.

So take a look at my favorite stress reduction dashboard 😉

And if you’d like a freebie bonus 7 tips stress busting e-report, you can have that too.

And have a verrrry relaxing day!


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