Stress Management – Roger Mellott’s Pie Theory (on Energy)

Oops. I just noticed that I said would write “tomorrow” and now it’s almost two weeks later. Should have set up a reminder note.

Here’s Roger Mellott’s Pie Theory though (it’s all about energy).

You know how you sometimes are too tired to do much of anything? And just because there’s time left in the day and you feel like you really OUGHT to get some more stuff done, you just can’t bring yourself to do any of it?

And you beat yourself up about it?

I’ve been there. Still am. But at least I know Roger’s pie theory — and once I remember, I go easier on myself. And do you realize how much energy it takes to beat up on yourself? Just eliminating THAT helps enormously.

So here’s the theory:

He basically uses a pie as the metaphor for the amount of energy we have every day. Each of us gets a pie a day. And before you get all worked up about those people who seem to have boundless energy…

Pies come in different sizes — we dn’t all get the same size pie, and not always the same size pie every day either.

Some days, it’s a huge pie (oh, how I love those days), and some days the pie is the size of a dinner mint (Roger’s words). And we use up just to get out of bed. Been there too.

And so we need to be conscious of how we spend our pie/energy and not waste any (or at lesat not too much) on things that aren’t worth it.

Like arguing with people who are just not going to get it anyway. Or beating up on ourselves for not having the energy to do whatever.

I think that realization alone is helpful.

Can we replenish our pie? Yes. We can rest. We can do things that “feed” us. We can do things that make us happy. We can do things that feed our physical bodies with things that they need to work really well.

But the biggest things that give us pie is to do things that make us happy. To be excited about life. And accept that some days, we may not have as much energy as we would like — and use what we’ve got prudently.

What does that have to do with time management? A lot.

Especially when you approach time management like my friend and mentor Jason (see for more info on that).

And what about energy? I’ve recently come across a new way to approach weight management along with time management, and one of the things that inspired my interest in this particular approach is that it promised to give more energy after a few weeks.

And no, not because of any stimulants — there aren’t any, except for the occasional cup of Java. I’m going to work on my weight loss program review site to finally get it set up properly, and this is the first diet that I’m going to review in depth. If you’re curious, you can check out that program here…

Or not. This link is temporarily out of business. Sorry about that.

But I’ve gotten a bit side-tracked here. This was supposed to be about energy. And even though lugging lots fewer pounds around presumably should increase energy levels, so let’s leave it at that for now.

Wishing you a very energetic day!


P.S.: What do you think about Roger or his Pie Theory? Do YOU ever run out of energy? Leave a comment please! If you do, I might share a few more techniques by Roger 😉

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