Spring CleaningTips & 48 Hour Special Deal

Ready for summer? Are you done with your spring cleaning
and clearing out of clutter yet?

I just published a new Ezine articles on that very topic:


So instead of repeating myself, I’ll just give you the link.

And if you find that you want to let go of some of your
stuff, or need help with the stress, you can now get a
great deal on my ebooks, the one on how to sell your extra
stuff on Amazon.com OR the one on relieving stress.

You can find the info on them here:



But don’t get them there. I just set up a special button
for you at PayPal, where you can get either one for just
$9.95 (or simply use the link twice if you want both).

Just include a message in the message area which one you
want, and I’ll send you the download link by email.

Or send me an email to my PayPal address to let me
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Put “Spring Cleaning Special” in your subject line please.

So here’s the button:

How long is this deal good for? Just for a little over
48 hours or until Friday at noon Pacific Time.

Meanwhile, I hope you’re enjoying your spring.


P.S.: If clutter is a bad habit for you and you need
some help with overcoming habits like that, you can
also get a fr.ee 5-part e-course here: