Self Help Stuff on Facebook Fan Pages Now!

Hi all,

My Self Help Stuff Facebook Fan Page is up now!

Not too fancy yet, but it has a welcome page and a discussion page too.

Please come visit and “like” it so I can get a cool custom URL.

Setting up that page was a bit of a challenge — at first, but after spending a ton of
time researching it for one of my clients, I managed to set up his, and then mine as well.

What does it take? FBML — i.e. Face Book Mark-up Language. The Facebook version of HTML, which is essentially HTML but with a few shortcuts and limitations.

And that cool header. How do you like it? I love it! I got that from Cindy from the unlimited minisites (see right sidebar).

So what will my Self Help Stuff page be about? Well, self help of course, and stress relief, plus related issues, much like my self help blog.

Meanwhile, would you do me a favor and go to that page and if you like it, click the “like” button?

Here’s why:

I need 25 (I think) people who like it before I can get my custom URL, which doesn’t involve a whole bunch of numbers and doesn’t have to be abbreviated into a budurl so that people can remember it.

Why is it cool to have a page?

Remember that you can “only” have 5,000 Friends. But there’s no limit to how many fans you can have.

Also, once you start writing stuff on your fan page, it appears on the timeline (or wall?) of all of your fans. And every time one of THEIR fans likes it too, it will appear on THEIR timeline for all of THEIR fans to see it.

Can you see how this can easily become viral?

Another feature: the Discussion! Yes, you can have a discussion. I have posted two topics that I would like to discuss with my fans and visitors.

And where can you find my fan page? CLICK HERE for my Facebook Page!

Thanks and have a fantastic day!