Self-Help Blog Update & Sister Blog Launch News (Tech Stuff Blog)

I did it!!! I’m so excited!

Finally, I have launched my long-anticipated tech stuff blog.

It’s name:

Please go take a look! It has the COOLEST header graphics (they keep changing — I haven’t seen the same thing twice yet).

I know that my enthusiasm for techie stuff had started to get in the way of the more general self-help stuff, which was plenty anti-niche-y as was, so now you’ll be able to find all my self-growth info and the how-to-feel better resources more easily without getting side-tracked by my adventures with Squidoo and Co.

I’ll still provide information and connections, but much of it will be limited to short comments and links/references to the other blog.

I hope this will work for you. If you like the tech stuff, I’ll see you over at my shiny new webstuff blog. Which comes with its own newsletter, one that features lots of resources on how to build your own online business and presence.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more self-help and you aren’t yet getting my newsletter, do sign up for it. I’m currently doing a series on how to raise your vibrations (and how to keep them high) for more effective manifestation of all your dreams. I’ve studied this subject intensely lately and, as is my tendency, I just can’t keep it to myself. And why would I want to anyway…

Stay tuned!

And have a fabulous day!


P.S.: And btw, Mike, who taught me how to do all this, also just came out with a program that will teach how to get loads of traffic really fast: