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Hello all,

what happened to my self help blog? Maybe you’ve been wondering… Have I been procrastinating?

Truth is, I got swamped. I mean way beyond swamped. Somehow several major “engagements” all came together at the same time, and I was scrambling and begging forgiveness left and right, trying to postpone whatever could be postponed. And no, that doesn’t really fit the regular meaning of procrastination. (hmm, I think I’ll write about that sometime soon too).

What does all of that teach me about time management though? Other than put it in my calendar and beware of making commitments too far into the future?

This: There’s only so much time in the day and so much energy in me. And when it’s gone, it’s gone.

I actually learned that a long time ago — from one of my favorite teachers, the late Roger Mellott. I was going through a very stressful time then too, and was beating up on myself because I seemed to “procrastinate” just about all the time.

I mean, the evening wasn’t half over yet and I had a translation job to do. So why the heck didn’t I do it? Well… yes, there was time left in the day, but there was no more energy left in me. I simply could not do it. I was so tired I couldn’t get off of my bed if I tried. And my brain refused to cooperate as far as the translation went.

I felt that way the last few weeks at times… And I remembered Roger.

He had this brilliant theory — the pie theory of energy management. If you’ve been reading my newsletter, you’ve probably read about it. But if not, I’ll introduce you to it right here, again.

Tomorrow 😉

For now, all I want to say is — it was a life-saver.

Meanwhile, I do have another trick up my sleeve, this one related to Time Management.. It has helped me make myself way more productive. Probably doubled my speed with which I can get stuff done. And it helps give me energy when I need it, plus focus, and more.

Still, I’m human, and my mind can always visualize way more than physical me can get done.

So anyway, please check back tomorrow to read about Roger’s Pie Theory and how it relates to time management.

Have a great evening.


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4 thoughts on “Self Help Blog Style Time Management

  1. Trish L

    Great post – I can so relate to the concept of being ‘swamped’ and unable to fit it all in.

    Time management has long been a challenge of mine – so thanks for the interesting post on this topic!

  2. Elisabeth Post author

    You’re welcome Trish. Thanks so much for your kind comments. so glad you liked my post. Good luck with your own time management challenges…

  3. Mary A.

    Roger Mellott’s Stress Management series is also one of my all time favorites. I was searching for “where is he now” information and that’s how I located your blog. I see you’ve written that he as passed on and wondered if you could tell me where to find more. I’m still finding booking information about him online, so one question is how recently this happened.

  4. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi Mary,

    thanks for your comment. I know about his booking info. I keep hoping that maybe he’ll resurface, sort of like Elvis, but sadly, this is not likely.

    I just checked — his memorial service was Sunday, February 12, 2006. When you Google Roger Mellott and NASA the information will be the first entry (or at least it is when I do that on Firefox).

    Note that the first link no longer works, but the second one (the indented one) so far still does:

    I’ll write an entry on him and include the screen shots.

    All best,


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