Self Appreciation Lists for Encouragement & Stress Relief

Self-Appreciation lists and Bill Burns’ Mirror Technique are powerful techniques to regain self confidence and feel better about self and life. Read on about how they work.

A) Write a Self-Appreciation List

List as many things as possible that you’re proud of: go back to childhood, though that’s optional. Just keep writing. Include anything big you did. Graduated from school and from college for example. Or kindergarten. Got a good grade in some class. An award for bowling or a project.

Remember to include even the less obvious things. Papers you wrote, fish you caught, things you fixed, friends you made, places you’ve been. It all counts.

And don’t forget to include anything you like about yourself: Your smile, your eyes, your hands, your ability to listen, your courage in the face of challenges, your capacity for empathy, your toes.

Writing a self appreciation list will go a long way towards helping you remember that you are really very much okay.

And in my next post, I’ll talk about Bill Burns’ Mirror Technique.