Overcoming Insomnia — Where Are You on the Better Sleep Scale? [A Quiz]

Do you have trouble sleeping? Insomnia is no fun. Take this quiz and find out what you could do to sleep better.

Just answer these quick questions with a Yes or a No and check the answers:

1) Do you go to bed at the same time each night?

2) Do you have a bedtime routine that’s soothing to you?

3) Do you make sure your bed is comfortable?

4) Is your room dark and quiet?

5) Does it have a comfortable temperature?

6) Do you drink coffee late in the day?

7) Do you worry a lot or are you under a great deal of stress?

Answers: The correct answer is given below. Check how yours matches up.

1) Yes. A regular bedtime is important. It teaches your body to go to sleep at the time you usually go to bed.

2) Yes. A comfortable bedtime routine does the same thing. It could include a cup of warm milk, some soothing music, a relaxing book, writing in a journal, or even a few minutes of meditation.

3) Yes. Your bed needs to be comfortable for quality sleep. Make sure your pillows offer the right kind of support for your sleeping position.

4) Yes. This is very important for quality sleep. If noise is an issue, try earplugs. If light is an issue, try covering it up if it’s in your room (lights from alarm clocks) or get drapes that keep the light out better if it’s coming in from the outside.

5) Yes. A comfortable room temperature is also very important. if you find you have cold feet, wear warm socks. In fact, try that in any case — it helps a lot of people fall asleep faster.

6) No. Caffeine can keep you awake. Some people are affected by it for hours. Remember that cola drinks and even chocolate and tea have caffeine. Avoid them after lunch and see if that makes a difference).

7) No. Stress can keep anyone awake. If your life is stressful, get some resources that help you reduce your stress so you can sleep. Once you sleep better, you’ll also find that you’ll be more productive, which might reduce stress further.

How did you answer? Give yourself a point for every Yes answer to Questions 1-5 and a point for every No answer to Questions 6 and 7. Then put some of the tips you may have missed into practice.

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