New Year’s Resolutions… Different Spin.

Happy New Year!!!

I can’t believe we’re already into the second week of the New Year! And I haven’t even gotten started with New Year’s Resolutions.

Of course, I have my different spin on that, and I’m going to write a few posts on that over the next week or two…

First of all… the traditional approach to New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t usually work and if anything is counterproductive.

When it comes to carrot vs stick, I’m all for the carrot. The idea is to focus on what we want and not punishing ourselves for our real or imagined short-comings.

One thing I will do is go back through that program by Jason that helps tremendously with overcoming some habits I’d like to live without.

It’s what you’ll find out more about when you go to the following site:

And especially

But go to the first because you’ll discover an offer where you can get it for almost half off…

And as I wrote in an article last year, I’m much more in favor of “New Year’s Projections” than “New Year’s Resolutions.”

What is it that you would like to visualize for yourself?

As for me, I’d like a steadily growing business, books, courses with lots of students in them, happy clients, and a healthy body too, preferably with less weight on it.

And so one of the things I’ll be working on next year is a special low-aggravation system of releasing some of those extra pounds.

I’m going to call it Kitchen Sink Diet — not because it involves eating over the kitchen sink or because I get to eat everything but the kitchen sink, but because I’m going to plough through everything I can find out there that might be helpful and then put it together into an “everything but the kitchen sink” diet plan of sorts.

Though diet is a misnomer. It’s more about adding things than subtracting things, though hopefully certain detrimental food stuffs will be crowded out by the good stuff… Much like what Jon Gabriel advocates in his Gabriel method.

In fact, one of the things on my to do list is to a) start listening to his audio again regularly (I’ve been slacking off) and b) get his newly available special Smart Music audios that put you in a smart state instantly and are great for starting the day off with. Can’t wait to get them and will report back once I have startd using them.

Enough for now. More on New Year’s Resolutions and related matters very soon.

And may YOU have a fantastic New Year as well.