New Year’s “Resolution” for 2010: Sleep More!

Sleep more! Doesn’t that just sound like the anti-resolution?

Not in my book. I find it incredibly difficult to “find” the time to get enough sleep. And yet, I am getting ever more aware that I MUST make it a priority if I want to remain productive — and healthy.

Which makes me wonder why in the world I’m typing this at 2:30 in the morning?

So much for that one. But now, I haven’t REALLY officially resolved it, and messing with my sleeping patterns is always a bit of an ongoing struggle.

The thing is sometimes I’m more alert and awake late at night than I am at other times of the day, and it seems like such a waste not to take advantage of it.

Meanwhile, once I do go to sleep, I tend to sleep like a baby (or a log), which I suppose is a good thing. It wasn’t always like that.

A few years back, I had a huge problem with insomnia. I threw all sorts of things at it, from herbs to aromatherapy to soothing music and even the occasional prescription drugs, and STILL had trouble.

One thing that finally fixed it, literally overnight, was the Mind-Body-Spirit meditation from the Quantum Touch Supercharging workshop I took. I literally fell asleep lying on the floor, in the middle of the meditation exercise we did in that course. Twice! How embarrassing.

But I figured I was on to something. When I did the meditation that night after going to bed, I never made it even half-way through before I went to sleep. And when I woke up at night, I just continued where I left off, and zzzzzzzzzz

It still works. On the rare (very rare) occasion that I make it all the way through, I just start over, and I don’t think I ever made it through twice without falling asleep.

Oddly enough, I can do the meditation with my eyes open during the day and it will NOT make me fall asleep, so I even do it sometimes while going for walks. It has a wonderfully energizing effect then.

How does it work?

You can find out the details in the Supercharging Quantum Touch book by Alain Herriot (sp?)

Basically, you visualize yourself being bathed and literally soaked in a series of 12 colors, from white to purple, indigo, copper, silver, gold, yellow, green, blue-green, blue, magenta and mother-of-pearl. There’s also a special breathing pattern, but I never mastered it and simply do slow, deep breathing while I do the exercise.

You can get the more detailed instructions in the book or on the workshop video, which you can order from

Meanwhile, it’s now 2:51 and defninitely time to catch some zzzzzs.

And as for my resolution… I’m working on it. Getting at least 7 hour of sleep a night, at least most nights, is the first stage of my resolution. Then I plan to work on getting to bed earlier and making my hours more regular. Update sometime in spring…

How are YOUR resolutions coming along?

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