Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo: Buddhist Chanting for Manifestation?

Chanting for manifestation? I read about it in Tina Turner’s autobiography quite a few years back and was intrigued. But I didn’t really follow up. Part of me didn’t really believe it. That was years before I discovered Abraham.

Last Saturday, I had an experience that made me a believer (or at least a tentative believer):

A few friends from Unity got together to work on manifesting money and other things they wanted in their lives. Of course, I’m interested in that as well, as you know from previous blog entries, especially for my New Zealand trip (see below) (and also for the bills etc.).

The meeting included a chanting session, led by Gino, a Buddhist (don’t know what descriptive noun to use — I’m not sure he’s a monk, and “expert chanter” definitely doesn’t sound quite right).

In any case, he explained the meaning of everything, the chant as well as the altar we sat in front of and how it would work, and proceeded to lead us in our chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo for about 30 minutes. It was an extremely powerful experience.

Before I left for the meeting, I had frantically tried to list some stuff on Ebay but wasn’t able to because my camera’s battery was dead and I had to wait until it charged.

I had also set up a listing in a forum where people sell each other their products and services, but wasn’t holding my breath. The response to my previous efforts there had been underwhelming to put it politely. I didn’t even make my listing fee back.

Yet when I returned home after the chanting and checked my email and discovered that I had received THREE orders on the forum, two of them quite substantial! The results from that evening totalled more than 40 times more than what I had received in the entire time before.

I had done a better job with the marketing aspect, but still, the timing was really uncanny. (and no orders since either! I will have to chant some more).

I was definitely impressed. Gino had told us to expect results, but so quickly, and so clearly? I’ll be chanting regularly now. I think I can do it in place of some of my meditation sessions…

You may want to try it too. Just be sure you get the most important part right, which is to think of what you <b>want</b> to happen while you chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.

Will it work if you chant something else? I really don’t know. My opinion? Why mess with success?

The rest of the evening included treasure map making (depicting the things we wanted to manifest in our lives, and very yummy food!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to do my chanting for tonight!

P.S.: Maybe I should add a chapter about chanting in my stress-relief ebook


43 thoughts on “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo: Buddhist Chanting for Manifestation?

  1. Iani

    The start of freedom and the realization that you aren’t “the one who thinks”.
    The moment when you start observing who thinks, an higher level of consciousness is active.
    You account to yourself for being of a huge realm of an intelligence that goes beyond the thought and it is only the smallest aspect of that intelligence.
    You understand the that all the things really important, as beauty, love, creativity, happiness, interior peace, are born outside the mind.


    I always thought the outer world is only a mirror of what we are inside, but now I feel the desire to explore the infinite inside us.
    We are sometimes afraid of looking inside us, because we identify ourselves with the outer world, we feel that information, emotions overwhelm us, but it’s only a small test to overcome and to find our inner treasure and to start a fantastic adventure.
    The fear is born because we derive our identity from the world. This is the realm of ego that needs to be always reassured and some appreciations. If we identify ourselves with the outer world the trust of us comes from what the others says about us. So we spend our life at the mercy of the wages between moments of glory and depression. Understand that the outer world is only a ripple of the ocean makes feel us fundamental.
    We sometimes need dramatic events in the life to go beyond the appearances. The truth, at levels deeper and deeper, is always and only inside us and in no other where.
    The western society is based on the fundamental mistake “cogito ergo sum” according to the man is sure to be cause he’s a subject who has doubt, so he thinks.
    Now we analyze the thought. It is formed by everything have been taught us, by the environment where we live, by the hopes that we have, so by our past, by our believes.
    The thought let us repeat the way of minimal resistance and live in a comfortable zone, maybe with different characters and backgrounds. In other case it push us in a future where we can foresee what will happen. Seldom we are relaxing in the deep ocean of today, but it’s here and now where we can find really us, beyond the reason.
    To reach again the consciousness of the Be and live in this situation of instinctive realization of union is the flash of inspiration.
    Inspiration means find our true nature beyond the name and the form.
    The inability to perceive this state of connection from the origin to the illusion of separation from ourselves and from the world around us.
    We think of us as isolated fragments and the interior and exterior struggles become an habit.
    Nowadays our problem is not to succeed in giving up think of, we bear compulsive thought but we don’t understand because according to us it’s normal.
    This endless noise doesn’t let us live in our interior calm and it creates a wall, realized by the reason, made of concepts, labels, images, words and judgments, that stops every relationship.
    This wall of mind creates the illusion of “you” and “other” totally separated, forgetting our intimate union with everything exist, that overcomes physical appearances. […

  2. Annette Lucius

    After reading several different websites, I have definately decided to follow the Buddism beliefs and read more about the followings and such. The chant mentioned above is also going to be incorporated in to my life as I am at a crossroad and only want positive karma to surround and unfold around me.

    Thank you for all of the invaluable information ~ it certainly will become a part of my life now.

    Annette =^..^=

  3. Anup Singh

    I continue chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo morning and evening, day and night as Nichiren Diashonin said.

    And great result is that I was able to talk with Sun god once.

    Is this not a great proof that through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo we can talk even God?

    It also shows that this Mantra is great Mantra through we become able to meet/talk with God.

    This is my a great experience.

  4. Anup Singh

    I chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo morning and evening, day and night as Nichiren Diashonin said. And great experience of my life is that Sun god talked me directly on behald of Daisaku Ikeda. It is said that it took many years to meet God by saints but through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo one can meet/talk God as I.

    I urge all peopole of the words to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo single mindedly. As Diashonin said:
    “As I have been saying for some time, in your situation as a lay believer, you should just single-mindedly chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo morning and evening, day and night, and observe what happens at the last moments of your life. At that time, hasten to the summit of perfect enlightenment, and look around you in all directions. The entire realm of phenomena will have changed into the Land of Tranquil Light, with the ground made of lapis lazuli, the eight paths1 marked off by golden ropes, the four kinds of flowers2 raining down from the heavens, music resounding in the air, and Buddhas and bodhisattvas all being caressed by breezes of eternity, happiness, true self, and purity. We, too, will surely be among their number. The Lotus Sutra is indeed such a splendid sutra!”


  5. Elisabeth Post author

    Thank you for writing and for sharing the additional information and the Diashonin quote.


  6. Vittoria Conn

    Hi there,

    I’ve been a member of the Soka Gakkai Int’l since 1998, so I’ve been chanting NMRK a good long time. But I’ve only just discovered Abraham Hicks this year.

    So I guess my experiences with both are the reverse of yours: I was chanting before I began putting Abe’s teachings (which dovetail beautifully with my Buddhist practice) into practice.

    I think that the reason you got results so quickly is that you were already acquainted with the law of attraction and therefore, expected the results. You vibrated them as you chanted, and didn’t have so much of a “prove to me that this works” attitude as “I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out.”

    One note on the mental activity as you chant: Ideally, there isn’t any. This actually coincides with Abe’s characterization of meditation as the “quieting of mind.” Some guidance about two years ago from a very seasoned practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism pretty much said the same thing: Don’t think at all when you chant. That’s not the time for visualization or figuring things out or devising ways of achieving the things your chanting for. The focus simply should be on the Gohonzon and the sound of your chanting. In fact, focusing on the little character for “myo”, or “mystic” — which resembles a little heart on the Gohonzon — is ideal. This approach really concentrates the power of chanting.

    There is one silent prayer following Daimoku (chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) where you can visualize your desires. Of course, it’s great to do that all day long if you’d like because it makes you feel good. And as Abe says, it’s good to feel good. Going even further: For the purpose of deliberate creation, it’s actually crucial to feel good because you can’t “get into the Vortex” any other way.

    Good luck! Take care, and email if you’d like.


  7. Anup Singh

    see just chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo single mindedly 24 hours either voicely or silently and you will get answer of your each and every question.

    anup singh

  8. Anup Singh

    “Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy. Regard both suffering and joy as facts of life, and continue chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. no matter what happens. How could this be anything other than the boundless joy of the Law?” – Nichiren Diashonin

  9. Saji Mohan

    One who seeks or on d path of spirituality d mystic things comes up to him with knowingly or unknowingly Becoz d existance is very kind n always ready to give….a lot of….!
    This mantra also came in to my life with wonder….! I’m Just enjoying it with full of its colour… Thnx 2 all of you to share your experiences…..!
    find me on orkut—sajimohan special educator

  10. Amittabha Datta

    I have been practising nam-myoho-renge-kyo for the past 7 months, sometimes 3 hours or 5 hours but mostly 1-2 hours. I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome hence get stressed from chanting. I also exist in hell, so there is intense suffering all round in my life. I also want someone in calcutta to introduce me to the calcutta chapter of Bharat Soka Gakkai

  11. Anup Singh

    “When deluded, one is called an ordinary being, but when enlightened, one is called a Buddha. This is similar to a tarnished mirror that will shine like a jewel when polished. A mind now clouded by the illusions of the innate darkness of life is like a tarnished mirror, but when polished. it is sure to become like a clear mirror, reflecting the essential nature of phenomena and the true aspect of reality. Arouse deep faith, and diligently polish your mirror day and night. How should you polish it? Only by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.” – Nichiren Diashonin

  12. DEDE


  13. Anup Singh

    If “you” find any difficulty in life, then, the only reason is “you.” Only “you” are responsible for that. Change “yourself”, then everything will change. And of course, chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with this realization.

    anup singh

  14. Elisabeth Post author

    Thanks for writing! Yes it does give peace and helps with manifestation; at least that’s been my own experience.

    All best to you!


  15. Hitesh

    Thanks for the post. I was in India a week back on vacation and one of my very close friends introduced Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo to me. I am now in China, where I work, and have chanted only once so far, but that experience was a very powerful one.

    Since I am also listening to other self help programs and meditating, I personally feel that chanting NMRK will give me clarity on how to achieve my goals. Action will still be required like it is for everything that we want to achieve, but the beauty is that it will come from within. I am super excited about embarking on this journey in my life!

    Good luck to everyone who is chanting, may you get all that your heart desires!

  16. Leah Umbao

    Yes, its true, once you change your life you can also change anything & everything around you…but changes only happens with the power of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo…


  17. Jason

    When chanting, i do my best to chant with the determination that i will have victory over any given situation.

    Chanting will stir up all that is latent within, the stuff we love and the stuff we dont love so much. The stuff we dont like is then ready to be transformed, strike while the iron is hot and transform negative influences.

    I still cannot belive that when I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo it has such a profound affect.

    If you have never chanted before, you have just found one sentence that I have found remarkable and the most important one sentence in my life.

    I wish you all health & happiness

    Jason UK

  18. Jane

    Hi, I have chanted this chant before and immediately I knew it was powerful because my chakras started swirling. The thing is, if you have karma from the past and you know it, does chanting bring this back to haunt you again in reality? Do you have to deal with it again? Or is it that you just become aware of past karma and it dilutes and disappears out of your life. I would love to chant this so much but I just have fears that the past will come back to haunt me in my present. Can anyone help enlighten me on this, I would be grateful. Kindest regards, Jane

  19. Tonyjohn

    I found that chanting NAM MYO HO RENGE KO to be my practice of self improvement as opposed to a blind faith belief system.You don’t have to believe in this practice or anyone whom mentions the thought of it.You will see for yourself the changes that will take place in your life and around you when you invest your personal quality time by chanting NAM MYO HO RENGE KYO.

  20. Candy

    I have a question… If I listen to the video or mp3 while I work but still have my mind focus on what I want.. will the effects be the same? I like to listen to my affirmations on my iPod while I work so I can have peace within my day. could I do the same with this chant?

  21. Elisabeth Post author

    You could try it. It’s important though to stay focused on what you want when you chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo since you’re manifesting what you’re focusing on…

  22. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi Jane,

    hmmm, that’s an interesting question. Just reading it, I had a flash of a thought… what if you were to combine it with EFT? When those thoughts about the past come up, maybe tap on it and see what happens? You can get a free intro to EFT ebook here: FREE EFT ebook. That would be quite an innovative way to combine those two approaches… Let us know how it works if you decide to try it.
    Good luck!

  23. Elisabeth Post author

    Thank you, Jason! Yes, chanting is powerful indeed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.

  24. chinese buddhism

    Also you’ve got to really look through the news archives but there are actually a lot of Genuine articles on the site. Some of them are incredible.

  25. Subhash Biswas

    Hi I am subhash, practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism more than 12 years. Can anybody help me giving contact no of some members of Kolkata(preferably Asansol area).


    My mail address
    Hand ph +628115016235

  26. Nina Alvarez

    As a Nichiren Buddhism for 10 years who has also studied MANY other forms of meditation and manifestation, I have to say that Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is incredible and effectiveness in ways that are beyond explanation.

  27. heena

    Hi can anybody help me giving contact no of some members of West delhi(Preferably Disctrict centre Chapter)

  28. Tina

    Hi!`I am Tina. I know this chant really works and I did it once but trying to follow it again. I did this 2years ago and aftre that I always try to do but get lazy. Now,one of my friends has told me that she is following Buddhism chanting so religiously. What I used to was just a chanting but now she has told me that it was very lay man type thing. This time I want to it properly and under proper guidance of someone who knows it nicely.

  29. Alok


    I am from west Delhi Janakpuri .I have lost my wallet and I got my wallet back .One gentlemen got my wallet. in this there is near about 2500 rs and my all Identify cards credit cards near about all valuable things are there.
    The gentle man name Jatinder try to contact me but there is no phone no in my wallet of my. Then the person call to HDFC bank and told to the bank person I got the credit card of my and I want to give him back. After that bank person contact me and told me that the gentleman has found yours wallet please call him and get the same from him.

    At that time I have no hope that I will get my wallet back .Then I went to that person home .I was really surprise that all the things are there as they were previously. Even a single coin is not uses..

    This all happen through chanting, Do you thing in this city does anybody take this much of pain to return the wallet back.

    have faith on this it will change your life

    I wish you all health & happiness

  30. Ritu

    Hi everyone

    I m very much intersted to learn more about Nam-Myo-ho-Renge-Kyo. I m prcaticising at home but not satisfied the way i m practicising. Is any group of this holy chant living near by Pitampura. I seriously need to learn it

  31. Soniya

    Hi all… Going thru various sites .. Evn i m thinking to start
    With this mantra… Can anybody plz guide
    Me the proper way n time .. Nd how many
    Times .. To do it..

  32. Priyankar

    Hi Ritu

    You can contact Bharat Soka Gakkai in Delhi. It is the Indian arm for Soka Gakkai International (SGI) – A lay Buddhist movement, present in 192 countries with 12 million members.. All the best.. have a good life. Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.

  33. arvind gupta

    hi i m arvind i m practicing this great Nichiren daishonin philosophy more than two years, yes there is no doubt to show actual proof in your life with chanting nam myoho renge kyo with faith. by chanting nam myoho renge kyo u can absolutely transform your life. this is a practice for own human revolution.u can change poison in to medicine and misfotune into fortune by chanting nam myoho renge kyo.for tremendous victory and happiness in ur life in ur family and in ur community chant nam myoho renge kyo with ur whole heart. get benefits as i got in my life by chanting nam myoho renge kyo.

  34. srk

    my friend has been wanting me to chant for awhile now but i couldnt get myself to go the extra mile..but lately i have been more than just last night i decided to start… and this morning as well… i still get distracted but i am hoping with diligence i will get on the path of joy, find purpose, be happy and stop sweating the small stuff…

  35. Yogalisa

    Still chanting?
    I’ve been doing it for about l5 years and it’s VERY powerful. I tell about it a bit in my book, Stories From the Yogic Heart.

    It’s gotten me to the White House to do a presentation for my charity, Artists Against Racism, to the UN to accept an award for the charity, and has made my life so much better and smoother in so many ways.

    But what we must remember, is that both Buddhism and chanting are not meant to manifest “things” in our life. They are meant to centre us, so that we will be grounded, know our True Selves, and live from our True Selves.

    So, when I chant, I don’t chant for “things” and neither should anyone else. I chant until I feel that I am one with the “vibe”, one with the “reverberation” of the sound of the mantra, and that puts me on a different energy level where everything works out for my highest good–I feel like myself, I attract the highest good for my soul (in terms of relationships and everything else), and I make the right decisions–from my soul rather than my mind. Everything just flows. I am protected, as was Tina from Ike.

    When I was invited to the White House, I didn’t chant for it; when my charity won the Global Tolerance Award and received it at the UN and I got to make a speech that I’d been dreaming of all my life, I didn’t chant for that either. The Universe knows what we want and if it coincides with the highest good of the planet, it happens when we’re in our highest vibration.

    The meaning of life is to spiritually transcend, not to attain. Remember this, and you will be on your way…to true tranformation in this precious life you have. A transformation that is more valuable than anything you could ever wish to attain.

  36. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi Lisa,

    thanks so much for writing. How cool that chanting has brought you so much! I haven’t been very diligent about it lately, and I really need to get back to you.

    Reading your reply was the inspiration I needed!

    Thank you!

  37. Aliesha

    Great info, I’m quite familiar with this chant, but I can’t find the drive to be consistent. Any tips on this. I enjoy the peace and clarity it brings to my life and would very much like to continue. What is that prayer that is normally done after chanting?

  38. Hapiness

    Hello i read all interested comments. I have been practising NMRK for over 23 years and it definetelly changed my life. I am stronger, happier and better Person.

    The chanting is about developing an incredible strengh and power within you you never imagined u had so no matter what life throw at you , you are not destroy. The tangible benefits are important as you need to see proof its works.
    Also as you live your life and how much you can do to help friends, family and people around you.
    But the most important benefit is the positive changes about your life nothing
    and nobody can destroy or take away. As you need to remenber everything is transient in this world except the incredible life force and energy the only
    thing you will take with you when you finish your journey on earth.
    Happy journey in your life


  39. Anup Singh

    “Exert yourself in the two ways of practice and study. Without practice and study, there can be no Buddhism. You must not only persevere yourself; you must also teach others. Both practice and study arise from faith. Teach others to the best of your ability, even if it is only a single sentence or phrase. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.” – Nichiren Diashonin
    Taken From

  40. Anup Singh

    “If Nichiren’s compassion is truly great and encompassing, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo will spread for ten thousand years and more, for all eternity, for it has the beneficial power to open the blind eyes of every living being in the country of Japan, and it blocks off the road that leads to the hell of incessant suffering. Its benefit surpasses that of Dengyo and T’ien-t’ai, and is superior to that of Nagarjuna and Mahakashyapa.
    A hundred years of practice in the Land of Perfect Bliss cannot compare to the benefit gained from one day’s practice in the impure world. Two thousand years of propagating Buddhism during the Former and Middle Days of the Law are inferior to an hour of propagation in the Latter Day of the Law. This is in no way because of Nichiren’s wisdom, but simply because the time makes it so. In spring the blossoms open, in autumn the fruit appears. Summer is hot, winter is cold. The season makes it so, does it not?” – Nichiren Diashonin

    Taken from

  41. Anthony

    Peace & blessings all! I think we should all remember that having “things” shouldn’t be considered as anti-spiritual. It just seems to me that religion is always trying to persuade us that having “things” is a no no. We can always use our “things” to help others please remember that. Religion trying to stop someone from something is a mistake. Spirit has no use in stopping only growing. Religion attempts to “stop” Spirit gets the message through with or without “things” so has no need to stop. People here have had success with chanting for things if Buddhism was not meant for that then how or why was there success? If we want something earnestly then that is our spiritual truth. If I am honest in my spirit about what I want then there is no way I can hide this desire nor should I ever have to hide my desire from spirit. It is the fact that I TURN to spirit is what counts. Know & honor the Source that is all. What a blessing to know & experience that source governs those “things” ALL things! If as a Buddhist one wishes to not have or do without “things” that should be their choice but obviously there is provision for those of us who may have desire for things for I am from source as well as the next man I am no worse or better than the next man or woman if I so choose to turn to spirit for all my things. One love

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