My Self-Help Blog Now Syndicated on Facebook!

Hey, I just figured out how to syndicate my self-help blog on Facebook (thanks to Connie Green, one of my favorite teachers).

Now I need at least 20 followers so it will show up easily when people go looking for it.

Would you please do me a HUGE favor and follow my blog on Facebook?

It’s actually very easy. Just click on the button on the Facebook “Networked Blogs” sidebar, where it says “follow this blog” and follow instructions.

You’ll be adding “My Favorite Self-Help Blog” to your networked blogs subscriptions. You MAY have to sign up for Networked Blogs first, which is a very cool feature to have!

I want lots of little pictures to appear on that Networked Blog widget in my sidebar, not just my own mug shot with a lot of empty space (for yours) underneath.

Of course, maybe you want to syndicate your own blog! I’ll teach my students in my blogging course how to do that… Now that I learned it myself.

In the meantime, if you want my self help blog posts to show up on your Facebook timeline, (or abbreviated versions of them anyway), you can get that easily by just clicking on that link and allowing that application (which is a safe one).

And once you’ve done that, there will be an option to syndicate your own blog on Facebook Networked Blogs, and so you can just follow instructions once again, and bingo! Yours will be there too.

Then leave a comment here with this post and tell us where your blog is (with the sign-up badge) and I, along with some of my readers, will come and follow yours 😉

Thanks so much.

Elisabeth “Now with Syndicated Self-Help Blog” Kuhn

2 thoughts on “My Self-Help Blog Now Syndicated on Facebook!

  1. Elisabeth Post author

    Here’s what to do…
    1) follow my blog on Facebook
    2) syndicate your own blog
    3) leave a comment right here with your blog information so we can follow YOURS too!

  2. Hansabubbles

    Love what you have to say and would like to syndicate my blog on Facebook. I’ll follow you on Facebook.

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