My Santa Picture :-)

I have a Santa Picture! Yes, I had my photo taken with Santa Claus today! How cool is that!

You may think, snooze, what’s the big deal. But that’s because your parents took you to have your picture taken when you were a kid. Maybe year after year. Maybe they even had to bribe you to sit on Santa’s lap.

Not so in my case.

I grew up in Germany, and we didn’t have many Santas, if any. I remember them more from hear-say and Santa pictures than from actually encountering one.

And the Santa from Willow Lawn Mall near where I live is just too cool! And so, today, finally, I had my photo taken with him.

And here it is:

My Santa Picture

Santa’s helper has been offering to take my photo on Santa’s lap for years, but I thought it was silly, and now — I realize it was me who was being silly, especially when I discovered that I didn’t have to have my picture taken sitting on Santa’s lap. He was perfectly happy to get up for the photo shoot!

I think I will treasure that photo forever!

And so I’m posting it in a few places… I put it on Facebook, and I also have it on my Christmas Present Ideas Blog.

And now here…

It’s really a Christmas Present to myself. And it occurred to me how much it is a great example for a Christmas Portrait, period. I have never done that before, but this year, guess who’s all going to get a photo postcard or something from me? 😉

So if you’re stuck for ideas… Try having your photo taken with Santa too, or…

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And if you miss the kinds of Christmas traditions you enjoyed when you were a kid, or at least much younger, here’s a handy guide to making the holidays truly memorable once again, like in the old days…

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Personally, as long as there’s Santa, I’m happy. Especially if he has presents too…
What’s this doing on a self help blog? Easy. I think there’s something magical about Santa. And very comforting, especially in the kind of stressful lives we’re all living these days.

Not having grown up with Santa, I am coming to this kind of late, but this particular Santa, who returns to our Mall year after year, has made a believer out of me.

It feels like I’ve been touched by some kind of magic: having told Santa my wishes, I really expect to get what I’ve asked for.

Even if I end up having to by things myself (I don’t think Santa seriously fits through the chimney, and besides, I don’t have a fireplace.

Here’s the thing… whatever we believe, we get. Pretty much anyway. So why not believe good things. It’s the Law of Attraction, and it works with Santa too.

So here’s to you, Santa! I’ll stop by for another visit or three before the season is over.

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