More Insomnia Help! The Advanced Quiz!

Insomnia is bad news. Maybe you’re doing all the right things, or so you think. Your bed is comfortable, you’re going to bed at the same time every night, and so on, and you still can’t sleep. What else could you do. Take our quiz and see if you find some new things you can add to your routine.

1) Do you wear socks to bed (don’t laugh!)?

2) Do you drink warm milk or eat some turkey before going to bed?

3) Do you use aromatherapy and know which one helps you sleep better?

4) Do you play soothing music before bedtime (or even while drifting off to sleep)?

5) Do you use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help you sleep better?

6) Do you have a few drinks to help you sleep better?

7) Do you worry that you might not be able to sleep well AGAIN?

Answers: The correct answers are given below. Check how yours match up.

1) Yes. Socks? Sure, it sounds like a joke, but try it. A lot of people find that it helps.

2) Yes. Warm milk and cooked turkey contain Tryptophan, an amino acid that has been found to help people sleep better.

3) Yes. Aromatherapy can really help you go to sleep. Good oils to start with are Lavender and Jasmine. But also try combinations. Look online for a very powerful aromatherapy product called Zzzonked!

4) Yes. Soothing music can also be very helpful. Look for subliminal versions of sleep inducing music, for example Steven Halpern’s “Sleep Soundly.”

5) Yes. EFT can help you enormously with overcoming sleep problems. It can help ease the problems that prevent you from sleeping in the first place, and then it can also alleviate the anxiety that might prevent you from falling asleep.

8) No. You’d think that drinking alcohol can make you sleep better, but that’s deceiving. While it may help you go to sleep more quickly, you’ll soon wake up again. It causes problems with the sleep cycle. Instead of an alcoholic night cap, try herbal tea, such as Sleepy Time.

9) No. Worrying about not being able to sleep can start a vicious cycle. Use stress relief resources to handle the stress, and then stop worrying about it. If you really can’t sleep, get up and engage in a boring activity (NOT involving computers or television) until you get sleepy again. You should also give EFT a try to help you ease those worries (see above).

And if you’d like to give EFT a try, you’re invited to download this FREE Easy Guide to EFT to help you tame your stress and overcome your insomnia. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a very powerful yet also very easy technique that can make a big difference.

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  1. Isaura

    My doc is insanely expensive. Can you suggest a good medicine for insomnia?

  2. Elisabeth Post author

    Thanks for writing. I guess another post on how to actually remedy that problem might be in order. Will write it in the next few days.

    Please check back and let me know if it helps.

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