Marlon’s Promo Dashboard Is Finally Available, and I’m On The Sales Page (REALLY!)

Marlon Sanders’ new Promo Dashboard just came out, and I almost spilled my coffee when I saw the page: I’m on it!!! For Real!

As you probably know, I really like his products, and I have a bunch of them and am a happy customer. But I had no idea I’d be on his sales page as a testimonial. So cool!

Go take a look! Just scroll down a bit and I’m on the left hand side, with photo!

Please Click Here: Promo Dashboard

And check out the promo dashboard too. I just bought mine, the minute it came out, and I’m going to start checking it out as soon as I’ve told everybody to go look at my photo/testimonial on Marlon’s sales page 😉

Detailed review coming up VERY soon! I’ve taken a first look at it and it definitely lives up to my (high!) expectations.  Marlon’s tried and true system of point-and-click, with small and manageable action steps, details explained in multi-media, even a help forum (and his always helpful support crew) if there are questions.

Great deal.  I couldn’t believe the price.  I’m going to put it to use right away to pump up my promotional efforts!  More details to follow in a new post. Meanwhile, check it out and see for yourself:

Click Here: Promo Dashboard

Have a fabulous day!


Promo Dashboard

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  1. Tabs

    Good for you, Elisabeth
    I will be checking out promo dashboard.


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