Marlon Sanders’ Information Product Dashboard Contest Update & Winner: Drumroll…………………..

Guess what? I won!!!

Well, that’s me and 4 other people for the regular entries, plus there were 5 more winners with video entries. But still! There were TONS of entries!

I’m thrilled! Made my day. My week!

Visit the winners’ page to check it out in more detail:

Marlon’s Dashboard Contest Winners’ Page

And do take a few minutes to read all the winning entries. Some of them are just brilliant! I especially like the first in the list — Mark Goodwin’s mock sales letter! So cool!

And then the videos!

I can hardly wait till I get my new dashboard — I’ll let you know when it arrives and I’ll be reporting right here on what I think of it too, and just how easy (or not) it will be to create all sorts of cool products. Actually, if his other dashboards are any indication, it should be a breeze. Stay tuned for my first big product launch!

But I bet what you really want is to get a look at the Info Product Dashboard itself, which is out now. And you’ve got to check out the VIDEO!!!

Oh, and it comes with the coolest bonuses. Take a look!

Have a fabulous evening.

Elisabeth, the self-help guru (who seems to have a growing fascination with internet and information marketing…)