Law of Attraction Frustration and How to Cope

Discovering the Law of Attraction can be life-changing, but it can also be frustrating.  Keeping up your spirits can be hard, especially when things aren’t quite coming into our reality as fast as we’d like, and especially in the face of all those naysayers in our lives…

Have you ever tried to explain to your boss that you work with the Law of Attraction and Allowing and the way he or she wanted you to do things just didn’t fit?  I don’t think it’s even worth trying…

And I just came across an article that captures that sense of temporary discouragement perfectly and made me feel soooo much better.

Ann-Marie Caffrey on her Smart-Attractor Blog has a brilliant post up right now:

Check it out.

Of course it all comes back to that sometimes elusive “allowing,” that is necessary for the Law of Attraction to be able to work properly.

After slacking off for quite a while, I’ve recommitted myself to my daily practice of meditation, but not just any meditation — no, I’m doing the Quantum Touch Body/Mind/Spirit Integration Meditation (described in the Super-Charging book).

And the coolest thing…

As I wrote in an article quite a while ago, miraculous things started happening as soon as I started meditating (okay, within a few days of that), and now too, things start picking up after a few days of getting back to basics.

And as I read through my Supercharging book the other day, I finally understand just why this is so powerful (must have forgotten — I now remember that they did mention that during the workshop, but at the time manifestation and allowing were concepts I didn’t really understand too well and thought they were a bit beyond my capabilities).

Not so.  In fact, here’s an article I wrote more than a year ago:—Confessions-of-a-Formerly-Reluctant-Meditator&id=905641

I wrote it after realizing the significance of that breakthrough in “getting” meditation, thanks to a comment on an Abraham-Hicks CD.

I used to think meditation was boring and didn’t have any use for it, but no more.  And the Quantum Touch Supercharging touch really, uhm, supercharges its effectiveness.

But it all comes down to allowing, which I finally understand much better, even though it’s still a challenge.  I have found, like Ann-Marie says in her article, that once I allow and don’t try to force it, no matter what it is I’m trying to get or accomplish, that things work out better, and sometimes come together almost miraculously.

Last year, around this time, I came across a saying, Miraculate in 2008.  Now it’s 2009, and I need to figure out something to rhyme with “9” and so I’ve been thinking of things like, Prosperity is mine in 2009 (and yeah, I’m all for that), but here’s one that just popped into my head:

All will be fine in 2009!

Letting go and trusting that, yes, all will be fine if we just let it be.

Which reminds me of Mary Oliver’s poem “The Wild Geese” that goes something like…

You don’t have to be good…. you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

Here’s a link for a version of that poem set to music:

Have a wonderful day! And remember:

“All will be fine in 2009”


6 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Frustration and How to Cope

  1. Jennifer

    I find the hardest thing about the Law of Attraction is staying in that moment to moment feeling…it helps to be surrounded by others who are doing the same, but not everyone around you is going to be in the same mode.

    Thank you for the article…sometimes it just helps to know that others have a hard time too.

  2. Elisabeth Post author

    Thanks so much for writing, Jennifer. I’m so glad you enjoyed my article and found it helpful. And about those naysayers — just wish them well 😉

    All my best to you in 2009.


  3. AM Caffrey

    Glad you liked the article Elisabeth – in answer to yuor twitter query – I’m afraid it’s still on my to-do list.

    I know I know!!!


  4. Sunny

    LOA can be tricky. Most of the times I’ve seen people changing their intentions for the worst when their original ones were about to manifest. They just couldn’t BE there. It’s necessary that we persevere.

  5. Paul D

    I think people get the LOA wrong when they think it is a way to magically make things appear in their life. Patience is a big part of the LOA and getting frustrated because things arent going your way is a bad reaction. Just because you want something doesnt mean the LOA will get it for you faster.

  6. Elisabeth Post author

    Thanks so much for responding. Yes, it is tricky. but it’s so worth it (I think). Important to remember to keep focusing on the desired outcome. My mantra when I find myself getting stressed: “What DO I want?”

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