Law of Attraction and Emergencies

Do you ever wish you could manifest your desires NOW? What if you’re in a jam and you need it yesterday?

Have you also noticed that it just doesn’t work?

There is a reason for that…

When you’re in a jam, your energy exudes “emergency” and “need” and unfortunately, the law of attraction will only sendyou more of that.

When you’re worried about something, you’ll attract more of what you’re worried about.

So what can you do?

It’s a catch 22. You need to find a way to feel better before things caqn better. And it’s a huge challenge. After all, it feels very counterintuitive.

I remember years back when I first was told that I had to be happy with where I was before I could get what I really wanted. I thought that was absurd. I was pretty ticked off at the “messenger” who told me that.

The thing is, he was right.

So what should you do?

Here are a few tips:

1) Breathe

2) Take a break or do something you enjoy. A walk, a bath, a cup of coffee, music, and so on.

3) Work with Abraham’s emotional scale (see sidebar for posts on that).

4) Pray and/or meditate, preferably both.

5) Have fun

6) Imagine you had it already and what that would feel like. Put yourself into that emotional state.

7) Let it go. Allow. Turn it over to the Universe/God.

Remember, you can’t rush things. But the less you resist them, the faster you’ll be able to attract them.

13 thoughts on “Law of Attraction and Emergencies

  1. Nick Grimshawe

    Great article. Loved the humor too and the advice is really spot on. I am happy I discovered your blog.

  2. Ettel Biz

    This is a good reminder. Positive energies only. We will attract the good things if we only think of the good things. 🙂

  3. Barbara

    Dear Elisabeth,

    I think, the books of Abraham are one of the best i ever read. But sometimes i think: what a bullshit! What a damned bullshit. Because: I cry to god, i ask the angels for help, and – no answer!!! Yes, i understand the law of attraction, yes, i know, i get wat im sending out. But when i feeling bad and allone and stressed and i ask god or angels for help, and they dont aswer, i feel pranked. No, it’s not fault, if they dont answer and dont help.


  4. Elisabeth Post author

    Sorry about that. Just click on the little x on it and it should go away.

  5. Elisabeth Post author

    Thanks for writing, Barbara. I know, it can be really difficult at times. Of course that pulls us into a spiral where things aren’t working. It’s so important to remember to focus on the positive — and sometimes that’s the most difficult thing to do. like they say… “What DO you want?” And focus on that…

    It does help.

  6. Elisabeth Post author

    Thanks for writing, Ettel. You’ve got it exactly right!

    All best to you.


  7. Elisabeth Post author

    Thanks so much for your kind words, Nick. I’m so glad you enjoyed my article.
    And please come back for a visit soon.


  8. Elisabeth Post author

    Hi Ken, thanks for your comment. I visited your blog too and I really like the article — very cool connection you make there between the Law of Attraction and Christianity. Thanks for including the link.

  9. Aspen

    The only things in life that have meaning are those things we give meaning. What Abraham Hicks points to is the internal dialog that goes on inside of all of us and that if we use positive, uplifting, and inspirational self talk that our world will be illuminated by that instead of what you’d normally gets by default which is the opposite of that. Besides that the emotional guidance scale is second to none – I have yet to see anything beat it. I use it all the time.

    Best Regards

  10. Rusty Serene

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