Inspiration from Ed Dale and his “On being broke” Blog Post

Inspiration from a blog post on being broke? You bet.

If you don’t know Ed Dale, he’s the guy who brought us the 30-Day challenge — an outstanding program that helps people make their first money online.

He just posted a very cool blog post here:

Ed Dale “On being broke”

[Update: The link still goes to Ed’s blog, but no longer to that article.]

It’s about what to do if you’re too broke to afford a seminar you think would help you. He’s sharing his own story on when that happened to him — and what he did to turn things around.

And there are tons of comments (I just added my own), and they are highly inspirational as well (as is Ed Dale’s blog post, of course).

So what’s the solution? Action! Consistent action in the right direction.

Ed says, even if you just put in 30 minutes or maybe 2 hours, day after day, you’ll get somewhere.

I mean, you could set up a website or a blog where you promote something, then write an article a day, comment on relevant blogs, go to forums and comment, and you’ll start getting traffic.

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Then get that traffic to sign up for your list and send them useful information and great offers, and you’re off to the races.

Overnight? Nope.

But there are actually ways to make that income happen a whole lot faster, by offering your services for example.

Way back, when I was a student in Frankfurt, this piece of graffiti was sprayed all over the student center building: “Nur die Action bring Satisfaction” (spelling was a bit Germanified, but I don’t want to attempt to reconstruct that).

It means that only action brings satisfaction. And that’s the key. Sure, prayer and meditation help, but ultimately, there’s usually some action involved. Prayer and meditation are particularly helpful with guiding us to the right action, to inspired action…

My favorite spiritual joke is about that guy during a big flood, who was so counting on God to help him that he didn’t accept help from any earthly source. So at first, he was offered a ride by boat, twice, and he said, “No thanks. God will save me!”

As he was sitting on the roof of his house, surrounded by ever rising flood water, a helicopter came by to rescue him, and again, he said, “No thanks. God will save me!”

And soon after that, he was washed away in the flood…

When he met his maker after drowning, he said, “Why didn’t you rescue me? I was counting on you.”

And God said, “I sent you two boats AND a helicopter!”

With apologies to anyone who might find this a bit sacrilegious, I really love the message in this joke. You’ve got to DO something, and use the tools you’re given to help yourself.

And that’s Ed Dale’s message too.

Here’s a free book I’m offering that gives you some pointers for how to make money — legitimately — from home, by using the internet. The techniques I mention in there are almost all ones I’m using myself.

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I have used several of these techniques myself to make part of my living. Of course, there are no guarantees, and it will not work unless you actually — DO the work!

So get it and then pick something and take action (if you want to increase your cash flow, that is), and leave a comment below to let us all know what you did and how’s it going, or if you’ve had similar experiences, or have also been inspired by Ed’s blog, etc.

Remember too that the 1,000 mile journey begins with the first step, as the famous Chinese proverb points out. Or was it Confucius?