Info Product Dashboard Update: Marlon’s Wealth of Riches & How to Put it All to Use


I’ve gotten a bit derailed from my mission of putting my info product dashboard to use and creating some dynamite products NOW.

I’ve had some trouble with coming up with the 12 product ideas for the 12-product survey (and clearly, I wasn’t the only one). Plus there was a temporary detour away from my product creation goal and toward building my “list” instead as well as toward promoting other people’s products, including Marlon’s.

But now it’s the new year. And I have a few cool ideas on how to put my new dashboard to VERY productive use while short-circuiting (or at least shortcutting) the mountain that seems to appear right up front.

The fact is, sure, we all would LOVE for our first info product to be a huge, and I mean HUGE bestseller. And doing the proper survey increases the odds.

BUT: if the survey stops you from creating a product at all because you can’t get past it, maybe it’s time to just get going without it. Not blindly, mind you, but not with quite so formal a survey.

You can learn a lot from just plain creating a product or two even if that product won’t be that hot stuff best selling product you were hoping for. It may still sell, and it may be the perfect bonus offer, upgrade offer, give-away to build the list offer, or who knows what. Maybe even the perfect Warrior Special Offer where you then can get some feedback and create Your Product 2.0.

The thing I’m trying to get at here is this: Marlon’s dashboard contains such a wealth of information, resources, and how-to steps that you can start at any one of a number of different places and just have at it. You can always do the survey for your next product or the one after that. And by then, you’ll already have a product of ten under your belt, and everything gets easier each time you do it.

So… Stay tuned!

I’m working on a series of articles and postings that will provide you with ideas for smaller, more manageable products to get started with. Products that you can do easily and quickly, with the tools as well as the easy step-by-step directions you already have as part of the Info Product Dashboard.

And I’ll be creating products right along with you 😉


P.S.: If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you may want to do so while it still comes with all those cool bonuses. And yes, I totally recommend it.

So maybe it’s a bit more of a good thing than you bargained for, but that’s good, isn’t it? Let’s say you won a million dollars in the lottery. You wouldn’t turn down $950,000 of them because all you need right now is $50,000, right? You’ll be happy to take it all while the getting is good! Same thing with the dashboard.

Marlon’s Info Product Dashboard is simply the most comprehensive and accessible system available anywhere for creating your own product, at an unbeliebably reasonable (bordering on ridiculously low) price once you consider what you’re getting, and once you compare it to the much less comprehensive and much more expensive competition!

So go get your