Info Product Dashboard (Marlon Sanders’ Newest Creation). An Update

I was looking over my posts and suddenly realized that while I wrote a review article about Marlon’s cool new Info Product Dashboard for ezinearticles et al, I completely missed writing about it on my blog!

And right now I’m in the middle of grading piles of papers and exams, so this will have to be short… More to come, though!

Meanwhile, you’ve got to check out Marlon’s video!!!

Anyway, for now, here’s the scoop so far:

If you’re tired of trading time for money (and remember, just how much time have you got that you can possibly trade… does “self-limiting” mean anything to you?), Marlon Sanders’ new Information Product Dashboard is JUST what you need.

What makes it so cool? It’s point-and-click simple, everything you need is included, and so creating your info product is, well, not exactly a no-brainer, but something very achievable.

Marlon basically takes you by the hand and guides you through the process as you work your way along those 36 buttons, units, or modules of the Information Product Creation Dashboard, providing you with all the blue prints, templates, and other stuff you could possibly want right where you need it.

What can I say. I love mine! And if I hadn’t won it, I would have bought mine!

I’m still working on my first product because I’ve been derailed by exam season, but soon, REAL soon, I’ll be getting caught up. And that’s when I’ll write a more detailed progress report.

But you don’t want to wait that long! Go ahead and get yours so you too can start building your own paint-by-the-numbers point-and-click info product. You’ll just kick yourself if you don’t and then find out what you’ve been missing!

And if you’re not a newbie anymore and think you know it all… there are quite a few things in there that you may not know yet — or ways to make things faster, or smarter. Give it a look-see already! This thing has everything I could possibly think of and then some!

Oh, and it has stuff in writing, in graphics, in audio, and video. Plus, of course, the whole process is totally hands-on. It has something for any learning style.

So now it’s time for me to get back to grading papers, and time for you to go take a peek at Marlon’s Info Product Dashboard.

Maybe you’ve hesitated because it sounds just so wonderful that you think it’s worth thousands, and I think it is, but mercifully it doesn’t even costs hundreds. But to find out just how incredibly reasonably priced it is, you’ve got to take a look.

Have an outstanding evening.

Elisabeth 🙂