Hurricane Sandy Update & More Disaster Preparation & Survival Tips & the Law of Attraction

Hurricane Satelite ImageNote: The image depicts Hurricane Irene (posted on Flickr) – I couldn’t find a free-to-use image of Sandy.

I am grateful! Hurricane Sandy has left the area and I still have power. My heart goes out to those who aren’t so lucky, and I keep them in my prayers.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking…

Hurricane Preparation Tips And The Law Of Attraction

I provided a few Hurricane preparation tips a couple of days ago, and I think preparedness is more important than ever, without overly focusing on disasters (note the Law of Attraction).

Let’s tackle everything backwards, starting with the Law of Attraction.

For hours, I sat in front of my computer, mesmerized by the Weather Channel. One after the other, the video clips announced and showed ever more disastrous happenings, and I felt fear grip my heart.

And then I thought… uh-oh! Visualizing disaster and getting emotionally involved with it is a way to manifest it, and that was not something I wanted.

To be sure, I don’t think I have the power to change the path of a hurricane, and neither has any one other person, but there are ways to attract better or worse outcomes. And being gripped with fear of something bad happening is NOT the way to attract a good outcome.

Disaster Preparation Tips To Keep Fear At Bay

And one way to keep fear at bay is to be prepared. So I stopped watching the weather channel and instead focused on loading as many of my pdf and mp3 files that I really ought to read and/or listen to SOON onto my Kindle (and iPod).

Then I turned off my computer to avoid bad things from happening to it should the power go out, said my prayers, and went to sleep, knowing I’d be able to stay busy AND productive ingesting all that info for several days at least.

In the morning, when I woke up, the sky was clear, the storm was gone, and I was very grateful. And I hope that if you were in the path of this hurricane, you’re safe too.

Hurricane Sandy Preparation & Disaster Survival Tips

Prepping my information access was just one thing I did to get ready for the storm. I also made sure I had some of the essentials…

Water, canned food and a manual can opener, a camping stove lighter for my gas stove, coffee, cream, and bunches of other essentials, including batteries of various sizes and a battery powered radio plus flashlights and a battery powered lantern.

And then I came across a cool resource with even more tips about preparing for disaster

Disaster Preparation & Survival Tips: The Importance of Timing

You see, the time to prepare is long BEFORE disaster strikes. A few years back, the power was out for DAYS and I tried to acquire a battery powered lantern, but there were none to be had. The NEXT time, the power went out, I had meanwhile acquired one, but I ran out of the suitable D cell batteries, and there were none to be had anywhere.

See a pattern here? The time to prepare is long before the next disaster is even on the horizon. Now I have my stash of batteries and the lantern, and lots more.

And this resource will be put in action over the next weeks and maybe months to help me accumulate a stash that will leave me well provided for during any multi-day or even longer challenges. Meaning I won’t have to stress about it, at least not when it comes to my own physical survival.

So where’s this resource?

CLICK HERE to find out more and watch a highly thought provoking video!
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