How to Write Fast

How to write fast? My students want to know. I find it kind of funny that I’m now able to write about as fast as my typing speed will allow. Because way back when I was in academia full-time, it took me WEEKS, or even MONTHS to write an article.

I mean, if I look at my first few EZA articles, I wrote maybe one a month, and then a few more… But it was a chore. I think I have to thank Jason Fladlien for teaching me how to write faster — and eventually even really fast. If you want to find out more, just click here for Jason’s Instant Content Creation.

Some people have other ways to write faster, but my ibook can’t handle Dragon Naturally Speaking, not even the Mac version of it.

But that might not be such a bad thing. Here’s why.

I understand that Dragon isn’t all that perfect. So there might be typos and punctuation snafus and so on. And I would have to fix them all before I can post my articles.

Here’s why I have realized just how big of a hassle that might turn out to be…

I have experimented with another way to speed up my writing. I did a series of teleseminars, and when I needed to get some articles written up in a hurry, I decided to extract a bunch of articles form my teleseminars.

That was a good idea — in theory. And I did get a few really good ones from my teleseminar.


Guess what! I don’t exactly speak in articles. Not when I’m on a teleseminar, though maybe I could learn…

And the transcriptions (outsources) were, uhm, in major need of editing. In a few places I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be, short of going back to the audio. That was really embarrassing.

And all that editing took a lot of time. More time, it turns out, than it would have taken me to simply whip out those articles from scratch.

I’m really a visual-llinguistic person. I am best at processing written down information, and as I write and watch the words appear on the page, I get a pretty good sense of where it’s going and can take it there. When I’m talking, I don’t have that same feedback loop.

So how to write fast? For me, it’s to write about something I know, on a keyboard that lets me type quickly, which my ibook keypad does.

More on that next time. Also more on writing for different self-help purposes, not all in the same post, obviously. Right now though, I want a cup of tea.

Happy writing!


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