How to make yourself feel better

feel better fastHow to make yourself feel better, lift your spirits and raise your vibration?

That’s a tall order, especially if you’re NOT feeling so hot. But the key to get out of any kind of funk is to feel better FIRST.

And yes, that’s very annoying when you’re in the middle of it. I used to consider it my right to be grumpy when I wanted to be, and got a bit angry at people who told me to “smile.”

I mean, I was a crusader for the right to be grumpy! When I first moved to California from Germany, I had a hard time with people telling me to have a nice day when I was feeling lonely and depressed and overworked to boot.

Well, that was then. Meanwhile, I’ve learned… that the way to feel better is to feel better FIRST, and then things will get better.

In fact, I first started to get really serious about learning that when I had breast cancer about 18 years ago. I learned from Lawrence LeShan and his amazing book, “Cancer as a Turning Point” how important it is to be happy in order to make the immune system work effectively.

I loved the way he put it (approximately): Why would the immune system go to bat for me when I was miserable? It would do me a favor if it would just help me get out of my misery.

Uhm, not so good. I decided I wanted to stay alive, and if it took getting happy to do that, I was going to be happy.

I was quite determined. And so I deliberately sought out “positive aspects” (which I now re-encountered in Abraham-Hicks) in everything, from the city in whcih I lived to my job to even the cancer.

And it must have worked. 18 years later, I’m still here, and feeling pretty darn good.

Now, I have lots more tools.

Here are just a few that I use on a regular basis, complete with some books that I consult:

1) Asking myself, “So what DO I want?”

When I’m feeling stressed, unhappy, whatever, and I can just FEEL that I’m driving the good stuff away, it’s so important to change my vibration and my thoughts (and feelings). Or the other way round.

Anyway, so I remind myself of what I want to drown out my anxiety and the “what ifs” and it usually works quite well.

2) Meditate

I meditate fairly regularly. Not terribly formally, but it seems to help.

One of the meditations I do is the Body Mind Spirit Integration Meditation I learned during my Quantum Touch training. It helps me calm down and if I do it at night, it helps me go to sleep.

And I also listen A LOT to my Abraham Hicks Getting into the Vortex Meditation. I find it so calming and it really does raise my vibration and gets me into the vortex, whatever that is.

Just kidding. I think it’s that space where we are in alignment with who we really are and stop putting up resistance to what we want. And it just plain feels good.

Another couple of great calming and mood lifting audios are Doreen Virtue’s “Manifesting with the Angels” meditation, and Jon Gabriel’s evening meditation (the morning one too, but the evening one is longer and goes deeper).

3) Positive Aspects

The exercise of finding positive aspects to EVERYTHING. Tough to do, but it works wonders. I wish I had learned to do that a long time ago, or continued to do it after I recovered from cancer. Thanks to Abraham-Hicks, I do it now.

4) Emotional Scale

This is really one of my powertools. When everything fails, tsitting down and writing statements that work their way up the emotional scale is amazingly effective.

5) EFT

Yes, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. One of its most powerful applications is as a mood lifter. It helps tone down and even eliminate negative emotions and blocks, and with that frees up space for good feelings.

6) Prayer

Yes, prayer works very well. Whether you pray by yourself or wtih others, or for others, it is a powerful healer.

7) Exercise/walks in nature

Get moving, preferably outdoors, preferably during daylight hours. I can tell the difference when I skip it for a day.

8) Hugs etc.

Human touch. Or even cuddling with your pet. It releases the hormon oxytocin and lowers stress as well as blood pressure.

I have a free ebook(let) with 7 Stress tips that you can find here:

Free Stress Tips

And, by the way, if you want to check out my Breast Cancer poems, you can do that here:

Breast Cancer Poems

Want my guide to EFT? Just try to leave my website, and you’ll get a pop-up window that will offer it to you for free. Click “Cancel” and then claim your Easy Intro to EFT.

Or go to

So when it comes to raising your vibrations or lifting your spirits, you have lots of options. Just pick one you like and go for it.

To your health and happiness!


6 thoughts on “How to make yourself feel better

  1. Joi @ Self Help Daily

    I am so impressed by your beautiful strength! I’ve always admired people who have survived great personal battles and did so with grace and dignity. You’re obviously one of the few who were determined to get BETTER, not BITTER.

    You’re a true inspiration. Fight on!

  2. Jan

    This is a really great post. Thank you so much for sharing. Feeling Better is a choice! But there are certain things we can do to make the choice come natural and easily.

  3. Gareth

    Thanks for the great tips! I find exercise a fantastic way to boost morale. I believe a long run or walk is almost a form of meditation in its own right.

  4. Archangel Gabriel

    Thank you for sharing your light! Just wanted to leave an angel blessing to help you attract radiant vitality, success, abundance and happiness. May your life overflow with blessings. Namaste!

  5. Elisabeth Post author

    Thanks so much visiting and for your angel blessing!

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