How to “Allow” (Law of Attraction & Abraham-Hicks)

girl allowing moneyI was just rereading one of my old blog posts and the comments and found myself caught up in pondering the bit where I talk about resistance.

And that reminded me of “allowing.”

I remember the first time I was told I should just “allow.”

Uhm, what do you mean, I would ask, and none of the answers were very helpful.

That was at a time when I was learning to do Quantum Touch Energy Healing, and allowing was key to making it work.

I still could get it to work, but the more I focused on “willing” it to work, the less it did.

Fast forward a few years…

I discovered Abraham, and I finally “got” allowing.

Abraham’s explanation was pretty good. But I REALLY got it when I read Erin Pavlina’s definition of allowing.

She wrote that it was much like in a restaurant, or if you ordered pizza or something (don’t remember the exact example though maybe it was both).

Once you call them and order the pizza, you basically stop thinking about it until it arrives. You don’t call back and inquire about the progress of your pizza. You don’t think frantically about what would happen if the pizza won’t show up…

You don’t focus on the pizza, draw images of the pizza, and otherwise obsess about the pizza. You just let it go and allow it to arrive in due time.

And of course, it does.

And it’s much the same with most everything else.

Now, when I do Quantum Touch, I no longer even think much of the outcome. I just focus on the breathing and whatever technique or meditation I’m using, and don’t even think about whether it will work or not.

Interestingly, it works much better now.

And so, when I’m hoping for a certain outcome that I don’t have control over, I do my thing and then I meditate and visualize what I want, but without giving it a whole lot of attention. Just a bit of joyous anticipation.

And maybe some gratitude.

I think that’s the secret.

The language is interesting though… If we obsess about something, we don’t think we are resisting it, even though we are. Because when we obsess, the underlying feeling is fear that we can’t have it. And negative expectations are… resistance.

While relaxed positive expectations — and even none at all — are allowing.