How to Allow Abundance

Do you ever wish you knew how to attract money? How to make your projects work out the way you were hoping for? Here’s the key… You need to know… How to Allow Abundance.

Well, my cyber friend Wendy Betterini is a major expert on the subject. She’s written several books about it, among other things, but right now, she has outdone herself…

She has created a course on how to attract money, or rather, How to ALLOW ABUNDANCE.

You see, attracting it is one thing. We’ve learned from the Secret how to attract. We know about the law of attraction, and some of us may think it doesn’t work because – where IS everything I’ve been trying to attract?

How to Allow Abundance: Wendy’s Course

Well, Wendy provides a lot of answers in her course, How to Allow Abundance. Turns out there is more to the law of attraction than deciding what you want. It took me quite a while (and a lot of reading Wendy’s materials, plus those by Abraham/Hicks, and Michael Losier, and lately Tara Springett, and I’m now understanding it.

Still, understanding and actually doing aren’t the same thing. And so I’ve been very happy with Wendy’s course which focuses on the missing piece in the equation, though it also is comprehensive enough to capture the whole process.

So how DO you allow abundance

I’ve written before about how I learned how to allow (or even how to understand what it’s all about), but Wendy provided a whole lot of resources that helped me actually allow!

And in this course, she’s put everything together, from Tapping exercises to meditations to lots and lots of other exercises. And she’s fun! So this won’t be a boring and solemn course at all. You’ll enjoy yourself as you work towards every increasing abundance.

If you click on the following link, you can get a sneak peak into what Wendy’s Allowing Abundance course is all about. This is not a “blind” ad – she lays it all out.

And she’s also given me access to an ecourse I am allowed to give to you for FREE, so here goes. Check it out – you’ll learn some cool tools as you go through her ecourse day after day.

What’s in Wendy’s FREE “How to Allow Abundance” e-Course?

Wendy’s How to Allow Abundance e-Course has 6 parts, not counting the welcome email, and will be sent out over about 10-12 days or so.

Here are the six parts:

  • Part 1: What is the Law of Attraction and How Does it Affect Me Financially?
  • Part 2: How Is Lack Formed?
  • Part 3: Thoughts and Emotions that Attract Lack
  • Part 4: Activities that Intensify Lack
  • Part 5: Forming an Abundance Mind-Set
  • Part 6: Activities that Increase Abundance

Why so much about lack? Because we need to understand how we sabotage ourselves before we can stop doing it.

Wendy definitely goes into the abundance increasing mode in her last two emails.

So what do you think? Want to know more?

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