High Energy Diet and High Energy Foods

How to have more energy. That’s a good question.

The thing is there’s probably no one-size fits all answer. However, there are clearly ways to increase energy… And food is at the heart of it.

For me at least, here are some of the guidelines.

1) Low carb food

My body reacts to carbs (and especially grains) with serious fatigue. Maybe I have latent gluten insensitivity. In any case, if I want stable energy, I have to avoid carbs, and especially sugar.

2) Plenty of protein

Protein gives me energy. Especially fish, meat, and eggs. Not so much soy and dairy. So if I want to feel good, I eat a lot of eggs and meat;/fish. Apologies to the vegetarians among my readers.

3) Plenty of green stuff

Salads, with lots of hearty greens. My newest (old) favorite is Mache. It’s that bright green salad stuff that has small leaves. Sometimes it’s sold in little bushels, and sometimes, the leaves have been separated. The second variety yields quite a lot of salad. And it’s very tasty.

Why old favorite? My Mom grew it in our garden when I was a child, and it was my favorite salad. We called it mouse ear salad because, well, the shape of the leaves is pretty darn close to mouse ears…

Oh yeah, and those green foods I can buy at the health food store also are quite energizing. Then there’s Maca though I haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate it into my diet. I don’t really like its taste.

4) Other fresh veggies

Colorful veggies galore. Basically, I feel great if I get lots of meat and lots of veggies, especially fresh ones, and can resist the rest of the stuff.

5) Some berries and nuts

Meat and salad can get a bit boring, so I add in berries and nuts. One of my favorite new “fast food” is one of Green Giant’s veggie mixes that you can nuke — the one with the cauliflower and the cranberries. Yum. Berries are great, but too much fruit doesn’t seem to agree with me either.

6) Goji berries and vitamin B

Okay, that stands for supplements. I have a friend who sells goji berries and he sells them to me at cost. And I found that they’re quite energizing. And I also feel better when I get my regular dose of vitamin B, along with my multi, and other stuff.

Of course that’s hardly revolutionary. We all know that good nutritional supplements can be very helpful.

7) Green tea and not too much coffee

Okay, this goes into the subject of beverages … but it’s really important. I don’t really enjoy drinking water too much, so I tend to drink lots and lots of tea. Green tea, herb tea, roibos tea, and so on. In all different flavors. It keeps me well hydrated. And it keeps me from overdosing on some medicinal tea or other.

8) Oysters etc.

It may be the seafood aspect of oysters or maybe just my imagination, but I often crave oysters when I’m tired and they do give me more energy.

9) Chocolate

Yeah! Dark choclate, the really dark kind. I generally avoid sugar, but when the chocolate has 85 or more % cocoa, there’s hardly any room left for sugar. Plus it’s so intense that I don’t eat much, so the sugar is a minor aspect and apparently doesn’t bother me much. And it really does raise my energy.

Of course high energy food and diet isn’t the only thing that’s needed. I also add naps and some time outdoors in sunlight if at all possible.

Those last two need some more work, but I find that I have lots more energy when I find time to do them.

Anyway, this is already way too long, so I’ll stop. Hope you all have tons of energy yourself. And listen to your body — keep tabs on what gives you energy and what drains it, and you’ll be on the way to YOUR personal high energy diet.

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  1. Angie

    Exercise – both cardio and strength training in addition to the foods you mentioned. Don’t forget to exercise! Add good quality nutritional supplements and you can have energy without refined sugars and/or caffeine.

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