Hip Replacement Recall Help — How do you know if you need help?

Hip replacement implant recalls are all over the news, and I shudder as I read about them.

I’ve done a ton of research on the topic recently (which is part of why I’m reading so much about it) and here are a few tips about how to decide whether you need to get help:

1) If you have symptoms, get help!

If you have pain or symptoms, by all means have it checked out! Don’t wait. It might not be a bad idea to get a second opinion as well.

2) Get copies of your medical records

Make sure you have copies of ALL your medical records. This is a good idea for a number of reasons, not just in case you might want to pursue legal action, which you might if you do have one of the recalled hip implants.

It’s also very important to have those documents to be able to get second, third, etc. opinions and be able to communicate effectively with your new doctor (and give them the info).

Sometimes, medical records have a way of getting lost. I had breast cancer myself years ago, and the mammogram with the tumor literally disappeared. I tried numerous times to track it, and it could not be found anywhere.

I don’t believe it was anyone trying to “lose it” but when these things get passed back and forth between treating physicians in huge institutions, stuff can fall through the cracks. If I had insisted on getting my own copy of the mammogram (even if I had had to pay for it) I would have it today.

Not that it ended up making a HUGE difference. I’m still here, and well, the trauma I went throught inspired me to write a book (“Average C-Cup” by Elisabeth Kuhn, available at Amazon.com, or, if you like, as an autopgraphed copy directly from me by emailing me at elisabethhelp AT gmail DOT com)

But back to the hip replacement recall…

3) Which implants are affected?

There are a number of them, and the list appears to be growing. The ones that have gotten the most press and apparently have affected the most people are the DePuy ASR hip replacement implant and their resurfacing system, and the Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement implant.

There are debates going on around the internet about which hip replacement implants are safe. Im mean if you have to get a new one and go through surgery all over again, the least you should be able to do is pick one you know you’ll be able to live with for a long, long time.

So if you have an implant now that’s not on the recalled list, and you have symptoms, don’t hesitate to see a doctor (and second and third opinion too).

I’m also working together with a team, the Hip Recall Help Team, to help people get information and consultations if they need help with their hip implant problems. Our team includes experts on medical recall issues.

You can find out more about us at Hip Replacement Recall 2010 Help.

We have created a special report that gives you information about mistakes to avoid and steps to take if you have a recalled hip implant or one you have problems with. There’s no charge, and you’ll also get an opportunity to request a free consultation with one of our expert team members.

There’s more, so I’ll probably write another post, but in the meantime, why not check out our other site…

Meanwhile, if you know someone who needs help, please send them our link so we can get them the help they need:

Hip Replacement Recall 2010 Help.

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3 Responses to “Hip Replacement Recall Help — How do you know if you need help?”

  1. pligg.com Says:

    Depuy Asr Recall …

    Hip pain? Hip replacement recall questions? Find out if you need to be concerned, and what to do if you have been affected by one of the hip implant recalls. Symptoms to look for, steps to take, affected implants, etc….

  2. Carol Anderson Says:

    My doctor who did both hip replacements told me that the plastic liners
    within the hip replacment can go bad, but I have not heard of this happening.

    However, my right hip, according to my doctor, has suffered excessive wear
    and tear, and therefore needs new plastic liners replaced.

    I wonder if this condition can be the result of a faulty hip replacement.

  3. Carol Anderson Says:

    Can a faulty hip replacement plastic liner be the result of a poor hip replacement or a faulty hip replacement unit?

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