Healing A Broken Shoulder – Update

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about my broken shoulder. Now, it’s been about 9 weeks since I fell down the stairs in my friend’s home in San Francisco and broke my shoulder.

After a night in the emergency room, I flew home, which was quite a challenge in itself. I wrote about a lot of the details in my last post on Healing a broken shoulder.

One of the challenges was to take care of my shoulder with no health insurance.

And as it turned out, I made too much money for the alternative options. So basically, I’ve been winging it, keeping my arm in a sling, and doing a number of things to help bone healing.

Self Help For Healing

Among these… Lots of lemon water to alkalinize my body chemistry, which is helpful because if the body is too acidic, it takes the calcium out of bones to help with making it more alkaline. And with my coffee and Atkinesque diet, I definitely needed to make some changes.

So I did. Also added bone growth supplements. And more raw food. Thankfully came upon a terrific sale of Vega products, which really helped get that stuff inside me without having to deal with actual vegetables. Peeling and cutting those with one arm was a bit too challenging for my taste.

Signs of Healing

So did it help? Apparently so. I have yet to have my arm x-rayed. But around the six to seven week mark, my shoulder started hurting less and less, and was getting more tolerant with me moving my arm.

In fact, there was a time, which lasted about a couple of weeks, where I had to be really careful. Because of the lack of pain, I sometimes was tempted to make too big a move in the wrong direction, which did cause pain to remind me not to do that. So I kept the sling on well into the eight week.

Feeling MUCH Better

Now, I’m feeling MUCH better. I no longer wear the sling, though I keep it around if my shoulder feels a bit aggravated, or if I go out where I might get jostled if I’m not careful.

So yes, I’m STILL careful, but I’m so happy that it seems to have healed okay! I can now wash my hair again with BOTH hands, but I’m still mindful when I move so I won’t over-stress my left arm and shoulder.

And of course, no heavy lifting (yet).

Health Insurance At Last

Or rather, very soon! Yes, I’m finally getting health insurance, which I haven’t had in 4 years. That’s thanks to Obama’s plan, which includes insurance for folks with pre-existing conditions, i.e., me.

The “offer” from a traditional carrier (actually the one I used to be insured with when I was still a professor), included monthly payments of around $800, plus a $3,000 deductible, plus no coverage for any past or present health issues, which meant that basically, I’d be paying about $13,000 before any “real” insurance kicks in. That’s absurd!

But now, with my soon to kick in insurance, I’ll hope I’ll be able to get my shoulder checked to make sure everything is like it should be. I have a gut feeling that I got lucky. And I’ll be much more careful about where I step in the future.

My New Mindfulness

As I said before – one of the lessons from this experience has been increased mindfulness. For weeks, I really had to think before I moved. Even getting dressed required major strategizing.

And now, that has made me more mindful in every day life as well.

I’m also sticking with some of my newly acquired eating and especially drinking habits (i.e., guzzling lemon water by the bucket and skipping the diet soda and excess coffee).

And adding more veggies…

P.S.: A Few Things That Helped My Shoulder Heal

Here are a few things that helped in the healing process. Note that they’re in no particular order:

  • REALLY large t-shirts
  • Slip-on shoes
  • Front-closure bras
  • Speaker phone (so I don’t have to lift up the phone to my ear)
  • Healthy shakes
  • Lots of lemon water (with vanilla flavored liquid
  • stevia and ice cubes)
  • Vega Shakes (raw food)
  • Good supplement, especially a bone building one
  • A good sling, and a back-up sling for when I need to wash sling #1
  • Lots and lots of sleep, and naps

I might add some more later. And feel free to add some of YOUR tips too!