Gratitude – Lessons from Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is gone, and I’m feeling gratitude for that. Still, the after-effects will be with us for a while.

Among the first one – no power!

And “no power” reflects how that makes us feel – quite disempowered. And yet, there are a lot of ways we can make do, at least for a few hours or possibly a few days. I sure hope it’ll be over soon, but I’m also looking into ways that I can get my work done if it takes longer.

In the meantime, I’d like to focus on gratitude.

First, for the storm being over, and the beautiful day today.

For the fact that it was less severe than anticipated.

Gratitude for my sturdy condo building that kept me and my neighbors safe.

And gratitude for the lessons learned from previous big storms. They made this one easier to take:

I realized that I need reliable lighting – and so after the last one I invested in a few camping lanterns, and they’re great! And, most importantly, safe!

I’m also learning to roll with the punches a bit better. So I couldn’t go online – and instead, I took some time out to rest, go to bed early, get sleep. And read some stuff I hadn’t gotten to in ages.

And as serendipity would have it, I came across a book I had had for years probably, but at the time I wasn’t ready to follow the advice inside of it. Now I had the time, and so I read it – and it offered a solution to the problem that’s been plaguing me for a while.

What’s the book? It’s at home and I’m at Starbucks typing this – something about Miracle diet by Diane Kress I believe.

I might update it later…

When I first looked at it, it seemed overly complicated. Now I’m ready to do it. So I’m on day 1 of the miracle dist, which reminds me I will have to go home to get my next round of suitable prescribed food.

More on the details later.

Another thing I’m grateful for is Starbucks (and the other places that let us use their free wireless!). The place was mobbed earlier, and even now all the outlets are taken.

And I’m here, hungry and with a sore back from hunching over a miniature table to do my typing, and afraid to leave because I’m worried I might not get another outlet when I come back. Aaargh.

And then I realize that all I have to do is bring a book (and a power strip, which the person next to me has done – my ibook is actually plugged into his power strip! That’s how HE got a place to plug in his stuff (and it includes various other gadgets he brought from home that needed to be recharged).

I’m also ecstatic about the fact that our elevator is running in spite of the power being off.

Thanks to the condo association’s decision to upgrade their generator, they now have the wherewithal to run the elevator during power outages. The thought of walking up and down 10 flights of stairs was making me depressed and tired just thinking of it, and then I discovered this morning that the elevator was actually running! Yay!

I’ve also been quite remiss with keeping up with this blog, so now I’m going to start again and share some tips on self-help and self-empowerment.

But first, another thought about Gratitude – that I have a home to go back to that may not have power right now, but it does have food in the fridge, and it’s time for a VERY late lunch.

More later.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep all those who have been harder hit by the hurricane in my prayers. And may be power be with us again soon.


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  1. Elisabeth Post author

    Too true! I’m feeling so much more appreciative of the little things now… Thanks for writing, Tahlia.

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