Gourmet Chocolate Truffles Sugar-Free and Regular Made Super Easy!

chocolate trufflesT’is the season, and here’s one thing just about everyone loves:

Chocolate truffles.

I’ve just been experimenting with a super easy recipe… that also allows some amazing variation.

1) Take a bar or two of your favorite chocolate.

I happen to like sugarfree chocolate, but sometimes this can get kind of boring, which is why I came up with the idea of turning it into truffles.

See, I bought a huge stash at the grocery store when it was on sale, and I don’t like tham all that much.

So I decided to try an experiment. And by the way, if you like regular chocolate, this will work with regular chocolate too of course.

2) Melt the chocolate

I broke a couple of bars up into small chunks and melted them in the microwave.

Then I mixed in some butter and some Coconut Oil (experiment with whatever combination you enjoy — I also like it with all coconut oil).

That will add the extra smoothness and softness…

3) Add mix-ins

Then, mix in whatever flavorings you like.

Try cinnamon, a bit of rum, vanilla, or get a bit more adventurous. I tried 5 spice seasoning (the same kind I happen to like in hot chocolate), and wouldn’t you know it — it works really well in truffles too.

You can also add “mix-ins” from raisins to chopped nuts to…

Bacon bits! Be sure you get the REAL kind.

That’s right. There’s now a high priced chocolate out there that combines chocolate with bacon and it is a VERY nice combination. Mo’s bacon bits or something.

You can do that yourself at home.

Or you could cook some strips of bacon and drag it through the chocolate mix while it’s still melted and then put it on wax paper and refrigerate.

Ooooh. I’ve got to try that!

To make it even better, get this fancy peppercorn bacon!

Of course, this works with all kinds of other stuff too. Just have fun.

4) Finishing touches

Let the truffles cool off enough so you can form them into balls, then roll them in something suitable, i.e., cocoa powder, chopped nutws, shredded coconut, or whatever.

Or you can just deposit lumps of them on a piece of wax paper and enjoy the “truffles” in various shapes.

They will need to be kept refrigerated or else they will melt before you have a chance to eat them.

5) Continue to experiment

Experiment with various ratios of chocolate to coconut oil. I’m using about a couple of spoonfuls per 3 ounces of chocolate with pretty good results. It depends on the chocolate you’re using though. Some of them are less creamy, so you may want to add more.

There are fancier recipes out there, but this one is great for turning your favorite regular chocolate into truffles. Also works with chocolate chips.



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  1. Ashley Castleman

    Hmm…, I suppose we should ask whose interests are at heart for those conducting experiments from both sides of the issue. Should we really rely on the “Journal of the American College of Cardiology?” Also, what about unprocessed coconut meat? And coconut water?

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