Goal Setting Worksheet Download for my Self Help Blog Readers

Self help blogs need helpful stuff, I think. And so, after writing an article on goal setting worksheets, which has gotten a tremendous number of views, I’ve decided to do the logical thing and actually make a goal setting worksheet available to you.

First, here’s the article that started it all:


It has lots of information about what to do with the worksheet once you get it.

And you can get my Goal Setting Worksheet by signing up for my e-course on overcoming bad habits:


I know, it’s February already, but isn’t that the time that we’re reflecting on how we’ve been doing with those New Year’s resolutions, if we’ve made any. And even if we haven’t, it’s still a time where we wonder whether maybe we should have.

Well, between the e-course and the worksheet, you may find that the year is looking better already, in spite of any snow storms that might be going on outside (as they are here as I type this).

So please get your FREE download here:


And make 2010 your best year yet!


P.S.: And if you’re looking for a job (or a better job) or are thinking of supplementing your income by starting a legitimate online business, stay tuned for one of my next entries on my self help blog. It could be there as early as later this afternoon 😉

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