FREE Stuff to Help You Increase Your Prosperity

Today, I’ve got a ton of free stuff for you!

Check out these complimentary special reports and e-courses and help yourself to as many as you like:

1) Get rid of your money blocks:

2) Bad Habits Buster

A powerful e-course on how to get rid of bad habits faster and more easily than you ever thought possible:

3) Teleseminar (& Webinar) Secrets:

It gives 9 tips for making money with teleseminars, and provides a link to a phenomenal yet very reasonably priced resource that helps you out with the toughest bit: How to pitch the product and close the sale.

This guide is amazing. The sales page alone will teach you a LOT, so this is really a must-see.

4) Business success guide

A free report on 10 specific things you absolutely MUST do to get your business off the ground.

I don’t think I need to add much to this. Unless you’re a really old hand at running your business, you’re likely to find some useful nuggets in here.

5) FREE Reports for you to use

A FREE special report. It’s designed to help you promote a weight loss information product (and gives some cool info on 7 can do keys to weight loss success). It can be customized so you can promote a weight loss product of your choice (or even supplements).

This report is available here:

If you’re not interested in weight loss but want a report anyway, I also have a free report on making money with (this one cannot be customized):

These reports are actually show & tell marketing pieces, designed to show off my own report writing skills 😉

And, guess what! It’s working! I got several new clients just in the last few days, since I started giving them away! Yay!

6) Tips for writing faster

If you need to write a lot and wish you were able to write faster, here’s a free report (written by yours truly) on how to do just that and overcome writer’s block:

And… finally:

7) The end of the feast and famine cycle for online businesses

8.) Easy EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Intro Guide

9) FREE Internet Marketing e-course

This is an ongoing e-course on article marketing and affiliate marketing!

10) The Easiest Way to Make Money

Once again, please help yourself to some or all of these. Oh, and please tell your friends 😉



P.S.: Bonus Freebie:

Ready for a change to a happier, healthier, and much more successful and prosperous life?

Sign up for one (or more) of the above freebies and send me a return email to claim one of 10 FREE “Rapid Action” Coaching Sessions!

3 thoughts on “FREE Stuff to Help You Increase Your Prosperity

  1. Ken

    Super useful stuff, thanks for posting. I’ll be busy reading through it the next few days, especially the stuff about earning an income.

  2. Elisabeth Post author

    thanks for your great feedback, Ken. I’m glad you enjoy the reports, and good luck with your business.


  3. David

    Thanks for the list of free resources, makes my life a little easier.


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