Free Stress Tips for my Twitter Friends :-)

Want my Free Stress Tips Report, without signing up?  It’s hidden in here somewhere 😉

I want to get that report out there, and preferably some feedback too.  And I’d like some of the people who read it to come to my next teleseminar.

What will I do on my next teleseminar?  Talk about how to relieve stress under the most stressful of circumstances.  Why? Because no amount of stressing is going to make anything any better.

Instead, action, especially focused action, does.  But it’s hard to take action, especially action that makes sense, when you’re too stressed to function.

So let others call my approach to stress relief Band Aid Approach.  I stand behind it.  I wouldn’t be here without it!  It helps. It allows you to get on with it even if you think that getting swallowed up by the earth just about now sounds really quite appealing (temporarily anyway).

That’s no license to not look at what’s going on and what’s making you stressed.  But the thing is, you’re much better able to look at it when you’re not in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

So what stress relief techniques do I like especially? You mean other than aromatherapy stress relief?

I like the combination approach.  Bring it on.  Some relaxing music in the background, some stress relief meditation, some stress management exercises, some hot chocolate in my cup, some aromatherapy in my diffuser (I love the “Aroma Shell Diffuser” which you can get from some New Age or health food stores, or from, which is where I get a lot of my aromatherapy stuff).

What do I love about my diffuser? You plug it in, it has a little dish that gets warm, but not hot (no fire hazard), and it makes the oil, well, diffuse! And it takes about a minute or two till it works. No noise. No wind. No droplets flying about the air.  Very, very economical.  Two drops can last quite a while.

And then some EFT.  I’ll teach you all how in my next teleseminar! Which could be as early as this week.  Sign up for my list if you want to know when it will be.

So you want my other stress tips? You’ll have to buy the ebook 😉

Just kidding.  You can get them right here.  No opt-in required.  It may take a moment to load though.  And I do hope you’ll opt in anyway of course. You can do so at the top right, or you can do so here.

Thanks a bunch, and let’s all take a deeeeeep breath! Aaaahhhh!


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