Atkins Diet and Kimkins follow-up

Oh dear! Looks like I should do more research before posting. Thanks for all the imput on the Kimkins diet. Clearly there were things going on I didn’t know about, not the least of which was that not everything was what it seemed.

I still believe that for me and many others a low-carb lifestyle is a good choice (and personally, I prefer a version that’s quite a bit more moderate than the Kimkins version).

And I’ll be eternally grateful to Dr. Atkins for inspiring me to cut out the carbs. I’m so glad he was finally vindicated and wish he could have been around to experience it. But then he knew already that he had been right all along.

16 thoughts on “Atkins Diet and Kimkins follow-up

  1. WildAngel6

    Kimmer never lost the weight she originally claimed to have lost. She has admitted that she lied about that, and that the photos she used for her “after” picture and the fabricated success stories on her site were taken from Russian Bride sites.

    Kimmer admits she lied

    She never sold the website, that was just her feeble attempt to get out of trouble.

    The diet itself is less like Atkins than it is like starvation. It would make a horrible Christmas Gift unless you really want someone you know to become anorexic.

    Think twice before getting involved with this scam.

    For more Kimkins info:

    Kimkins on

    Kimkins on Insider Exclusive

    Kimkins on

    Say NO to Kimkins!

  2. Laura

    Madness? Yep, that’s a good word for Kimkins.

    Lose weight a healthy way, like with Atkins, but avoid Kimkins. It’s a very dangerous starvation diet. All it is good for is a primer to learn about anorexia.

    Lose weight slowly, it’s more healthy for you and your body.

    Lose weight fast? Only if you want to lose your health fast too.

  3. tanya edwards

    My name is Tanya Edwards and I wanted to share my weight loss story with you. I.m no medical guru or anything like that. I.m just a mom who figured out a system that works better than all the famous diets you tried (you know, the ones that didn.t work?). Hopefully my story can inspire you to try my method and lose some weight!

    See how it can change your life like it did mine. Come and read the REAL story.

  4. Cissy

    A lot of people do lose weight on Kimkins and are very happy with it, but you have a couple of facts wrong: the Kimmer herself never lost weight on the diet (she could come up with a diet that worked for others, but not herself), and she still owns the company (she briefly tried to make it look like she sold it to attempt avoid a lawsuit by a California lawyer who won a previous diet lawsuit and figured he had found a new target).

    As for the fee going monthly, where did you hear this? I haven’t seen this on the site or in the forums, although I have not been active and may have missed some announcement.

  5. avenuegirl

    Are you for real? Is this blog for real? Kimkins is facing a class action lawsuit. Heidi Diaz aka “kimmer” didn’t lose weight. She has no pictures or proof, and her own child testified he never saw her lose any weight.

    If she lost weight, why did she use pictures stolen from a Russian Brides website?

    Here is a link to Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz and what she looks like:

    I’ll wait to hear back from you, and I hope you just didn’t realize the Truth about Kimkins.

    You are pushing advice from a con fake diet guru.

  6. Elisabeth Post author

    Kimmer didn’t lose the weight? I didn’t realize that. My bad!

    But lots of other people apparently did, and it IS a supportive community.

    About the diet itself… I know that for me personally it is very important to stick to a low-carb diet for a variety of reasons (including that it simply agrees with me), though I’m not quite as strict as the official Kimkins plan, adding quite a few more veggies and even the occasional fruit and sugar-free chocolate, and I’m definitely not counting fiber as carb grams. In fact I’m big on customizing ANY diet that I’ve ever been on.

    And I’m getting the to-be-expected slower results. But I’m okay with that.

    The really important part for me is that there’s a community there that believes in low-carb (pure Kimkins or Kimkins lite) where I can drop in and can get information and support when I need it. And some great recipes! And since low-carb is no longer the “in” thing, I’m very glad that Kimkins is still there.

    About changing to a monthly membership plan: I saw that a while back when I started writing this post, and I finally got around to finishing it. I did check how much it costs right now, to make sure they haven’t changed yet (and they haven’t).

    I don’t know whether they may have changed their mind about it. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, right now it’s one-time fee for a lifetime membership.


  7. avenuegirl

    Elisabeth, I am a former affiliate of the Kimkins diet, and I see you have a link. I lost weight too – only because it is a combination low carb low cal diet. I also lost some hair when I went off it.

    It looks healthy on paper, but when the numbers are crunched it is not a good diet. No nutritionists will endorse it. Heidi Diaz founded the diet on lies and has no background or certification in health. Please don’t make the mistake of promoting this diet.

    Yes, the community is supportive, but Kimmer is a fraud and made over a million dollars using fake pictures and pushing members to eat less and less. We have some court documents if you are interested showing clearly the lies this woman tells.

    You can find a million FREE supportive weightloss sites on the web. If you are going to promote something that can affect peoples health then you should find something that real health professionals endorse.

    Your reputation and future as a marketer are not worth promoting this diet. Please, Google Kimkins and see how many anti kimkins sites and blogs cover the front page of the search results.

    People have suffered real problems from this diet. Our lawyer John Tiedt had a hand in getting Ephedra off the market – and he firmly stands with us in the ongoing class action lawsuit against Kimkins.

    Many members were banned from their life time memberships including myself. Heidi shows her lies in private messages here: Jeannie was a moderater at the Kimkins site, and I can direct you to a list of others that were as well and left the site.

    Please, take some time to really look up the products you are promoting. That “lifetime” membership is not real.

    Please do not endorse or give money to a woman who is a fraud.

  8. BrattyCatty

    From what I understand, the whole Kimkins thing is just a great big scam. There is even a Class Action Lawsuit involved due to the fraud, and Good Morning America did a segment on how dangerous the diet is. Apparently it’s a major starvation diet, with folks actually developing eating disorders.

    I know you probably make money off the link you have to the Kimkins site, so you probably won’t post this message, but I do hope you check Kimkins out a little more. I know I certainly wouldn’t want to be encouraging folks to harm themselves just to make a little money.

    There are so many places you can join for FREE Low Carb Community support. There’s Low Carb Friends, Active Low Carber Forums, Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Discussion, etc. Just Google Low Carb Support and you’ll find plenty.

    Please don’t mislead folks into joining Kimkins. It’s not a healthy diet, and it isn’t even maintainable. If you talk to any of the folks who lost any substantial weight on the diet, they now have problems keeping the weight off, and even have problems just trying to eat enough food. Plus, I wouldn’t give any more money to the scam artist who runs the site. You pay for a lifetime membership; and if you question her about anything, you get banned. So, how good is a lifetime membership if you can’t use it?

    Please Google Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit and read a little bit about all the fraud involved with Kimkins before you decide if you want to be promoting her dangerous diet.

  9. Bonnie

    According to Kimmer herself, if you have tweaked it, it’s not Kimkins. And thank goodness for that. This is a nutrionally bankrupt “plan” and people are being adversely effected health wise.

    There are better communities to support you in your low carb lifestyle. Please check out, among them.

  10. Elisabeth Post author

    Thank you all for your comments. I was a bit stunned, but as I said in my updated post, I stand corrected.

    I did find some of the weightloss stories a bit overdone and personally never attempted to achieve any of those record losses in record times.

    Thanks, Bonnie for links for the alternative low carb communities. I will check them out.

    And, well, also for your comment that if I tweaked it it wasn’t Kimkins anymore. Oh well. I’m so used to tweaking things and being not so dogmatic about things that I didn’t think of checking whether I lived up to the purity requirement.

    Maybe I’ll report back about lowcarbcafe and lowcarbfriends soon…

  11. avenuegirl

    I want to wish you all the best on your weight loss journey! I was relieved to see you were doing a slower and more sensible weight loss. Our health is all we really have. I look forward to visiting and checking out some more of your favorite self help stuff!

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  13. Rod

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  14. Noella Baver

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