eMoney Magic — Why Your Money Mindset Is So Important

eMoney MagicWhat is eMoney Magic? It’s a combination of two things: Money Mindset Strategies and Turbo-Charged Internet Marketing Techniques.

The truth is that you need both.

You can have the best internet marketing strategies, but if, deep down, you don’t believe you deserve to have money, one of several things may happen:

a) You may not make much money at all, either because you sabotage yourself at every turn, don’t take the action you need to take, or — just because of bad vibes you send out.

b) You make money, but then you lose it faster than you earned it because — well, you don’t believe you really deserve it.

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I’ve read about a money thermostat (much like a fat thermostat, or the type of thermostat we have in our homes) in T Harv Ecker’s book. And he’s so right. We have a comfort zone, and if it is lower than what we need, we’re in trouble…

And of course, we might even want to raise it to the point where we’d really LIKE to be! So why not do something about it.

In eMoney Magic, I’ve asked three mindset experts to share their favorite techniques on how to attract money more effectively.

Morgana Rae, the Money Goddess shared some amazing information about how to have a better relationship with Money — by way of personalizing Money and making it into your Money Honey rather than your Money Monster (which is what many of us have).

It’s a way to appreciate Money and invite it and be good to it, and that’s just for starters.

Meanwhile, Brad Yates, EFT Master extraordinaire, leads us through two complete tapping sessions that are amazing at literally exorcising some of those sabotaging beliefs.