Elisabeth Kuhn Poetry Reading on Internet Radio TODAY, June 2

Yes, I’ll be doing a poetry reading on internet radio today, TODAY, this afternoon. At 5:30 EST, 2:30 PST, and if you’re elsewhere you’ll just have to do the math…

I’m excited. It’s my first poetry reading on internet radio. The only other time I was broadcast was when Garrison Keillor read my poem “Bathrooms” (a sonnet!) on his program Writer’s Almanac (and you can still find it, I think). It was on July 11, 2006, I’m pretty sure. I’ll see if I can dig up the link and put it here…

Meanwhile, there’s today’s program. It’s host is poet and writer Diane Tegarden, and here’s her invite:

The Storytellers, Poets and Bards of the World join Diane Tegarden, poetess and author, as she hosts monthly poetry readings on Internet Voices Radio with her gregarious guests!

LISTENERS CALL IN# 866-977-4887

WHEN: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

TIME: 2:30pm PST/ 3:30pm MST/4:30pm CST/ 5:30pm EST

(Please use the links given below for international time calculations)

Join us for a charming half-hour of unique poetry and author’s chat as Diane and her guests read you their
poetry and discuss the larger social issues touching their lives.

WHERE: http://internetvoicesradio.com

(You can also download the show from that link.)


Elisabeth Kuhn, Sage Wolfsong, and Rampyari Walia

Grab a cup of fair trade coffee or tea, sit back and relax. Take this break from your everyday world
to enjoy the new vistas brought to you by these fresh, original poets!
Hello, this is me again:

I’d be thrilled if you could make it! Again, it’s TODAY! Please tell your friends as well.

Thanks a bunch, and see you then.


P.S.: Since they asked about it during the program, here’s where you can get my book (autographed to your specifications!):