Eldon Taylor’s “I Believe” Book Launch Party

Eldon Taylor's "I Believe"Guess What! Eldon Taylor, one of my favorite self help and self empowerment experts, has a book launch party! It’s for his book “I Believe” – now available in Paperback at long last!

You know how important it is what you believe. You’ve heard about or read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho-Cybernetics. But Eldon Taylor goes much deeper than those books and many others like them.

You may remember when I told you about his previous book launch last October, when he published Self-Hypnosis And Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide for Personal-Empowerment Tools You Can Use Anywhere! That book is just amazing, and I Believe is as well.

So what will you find in I Believe?

Eldon has spent over thirty years researching why people limit or sabotage themselves. Most people do it in one way or another, and it really does a number on what we can achieve in life.

Luckily, we sometimes get where we want to go anyway, at least sort of, but rarely as easily or quickly as we would like, or as far along on the journey. In truth, we often achieve mediocrity where we could have been wildly successful.

Eldon argues that the reason for that self sabotage lies deep within their beliefs – about life! It’s not their spiritual beliefs either.

I could go on and on, and I’ll add more later, but right now, I just want you to know that Eldon wrote this book not as an academic exercise, or to add yet another publication to his list.

Why Eldon Taylor Wrote “I Believe”

Eldon Taylor wrote the book to help us, you, me, all of us. Because all of us are influenced by what we believe, and more often than not, it’s holding us back.

He argues that it really makes a huge difference if we know how we acquired our beliefs. We also need to know which beliefs serve us and which ones are holding us back by sabotaging our lives. Once we truly know this info, we are able to vastly increase our chances to achieve our individual potential.

So yes, that’s why this review belongs on this self help blog! AS he shared in an interview, Eldon wrote I Believe: When What You Believe Matters! in order to “empower you with the roadmap to decipher and re-write the programming governing your life.”

And it’s not just achievement, but by unlocking our potential through adjusting our belief system, we can literally achieve a huge improvement in our wellbeing!

Eldon himself is a prime example of what a change in his personal belief system has done for him. He went from a hostile young man with a humongous chip on his shoulder to the kind, gentle and brilliant self help “guru” he is today. Though to be fair, he would never call himself a “guru.” Yet he spent more than 25 years of his life researching and developing wonderful resources that help us enhance our lives. Eldon Taylor is truly someone you’ll want to check out.