Eldon Taylor’s Essential Self-Improvement Manual

Eldon Taylor Self HypnosisReady to take self improvement (or self growth) to the next level?

Check out Eldon Taylor’s new Essential Self-Improvement Manual! It’s launch day, and so it is now available to the public.

I’ve had a chance to check it out earlier, thanks to a pre-publication copy I received, and find it’s an amazingly comprehensive manual that goes WAY beyond the “normal” things that self-improvement products tend to offer.

Eldon explores hypnosis and subliminal communication and shows us how they are essential tools in the self-improvement process.

Among many other things, he provides a five-step process we can use to put ourselves into a hypnotic state, and he also helps us going deeper, uncovering hidden conflicts, and much more.

Launch Day Special Gifts

And today, on launch day, the new manual also comes with amazing gifts!

I’m going to go over there and pick mine up right now…

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I’ll be writing more about it later on, but for now, I suggest you check out the launch page!

About Eldon Taylor

In the event you haven’t heard of Eldon Taylor…

He’s a NY Times best-selling author, has published some 300 books, audios, and video programs, and is widely considered a prominent expert on both hypnosis and subliminal communication. He also invented the patented InnerTalk technology and has founded (and serves as president of) Progressive Awareness Research.

His new book has gotten enthusiastic reviews!

Once again, go check it out here and then click on the Amazon link for all the details and reviews…

CLICK HERE for more Information!

And don’t miss your chance to get some of those launch day specials. I already have a PDF version, but I’m going to get a hard copy too so I can get some of those goodies (and, well, I still like to read my books the old-fashioned way, especially books with that much actionable info in them!).