EFT and Overcoming Procrastination

Can EFT help you overcome bad habits, including procrastination? You bet it can.

EFT, also known as Tapping or as Emotional Freedom Technique, is a kind of acupuncture that uses gentle taps instead of needles. It’s especially effective at helping you overcome distressing emotions and all sorts of conscious and unconscious blocks. And yes, it works nicely for overcoming procrastination.

You tap on a series of points while saying certain statements, and your body kind of recalibrates itself…

Here’s how I first discovered just how powerful it could be:

When I first started with EFT, I had a major dog phobia.

Now I know that this may seem hard to believe if you love dogs, but I was really scared of dogs, to the point that I would get a panic attack when I was out for a walk in the park and saw a dog on the other side of the park, minding his own business.

My heart would race, I was scared out of my mind, beating a hasty retreat to my car as I imagined that this dog might make a beeline for me and bite me.

And of course, with that kind of attitude, I did attract a fair number of hostile dogs, and even normally friendly dogs would be much less friendly to me. It didn’t help that barking alone was causing me to panic.

So when I learned EFT, I decided to try it on my fear of dogs. I tapped a few rounds, and then forgot about it.

A few weeks later, I was going to someone’s house (where I had never been before) for a meeting, and as I walked in the door, there was met by a very large dog, his nose practically bumping into my midriff. And I said, “Uh, hi dog,” a bit startled but NOT panicky.

Later, the dog made his rounds to be petted and when he came to me, I petted his back, and he put his head on my lap. And not only did I not panic at all. but I rather enjoyed this brief connection.

Whoa! What happened? Could this be because of the EFT? You bet.

And at this point, I finally relate to dogs much like any “normal” person.

So can EFT help with procrastination and other habits? Of course it can.

Here’s a free introduction to using EFT, complete with an illustration of the main tapping points.

Download it, take a few minutes to read it, and then try it with the following set-up phrases as you tap your karate chop point:

“Even though I don’t want to do this (activity) right now, I deeply and completely accept myself”

“Even though I would rather not do (this activity), I choose to feel calm and confident.

“Even though I am tempted to procrastinate, I choose to do this (activity) right now.”

Then, for the follow-up statements, tap on the points listed in the ebook, and use the negative parts of the set=up statements for the first round or two, and then use the positive ones for a round. Later, you can also alternate between them, but make sure you always end with a positive one.

Again, just download your free introduction to EFT right here, and get tapping.