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Manifesting Desires More Easily With The Law of Attraction and the Law of Detachment

the law of attraction the law of detachmentIn his book, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” Deepak Chopra writes: “The Law of Detachment says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up the intention to create your desire. You don’t give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire. You give up your attachment to the result.” Manifesting desires more easily can be achieved with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Detachment work hand in hand.

This is a key requirement in manifesting anything with the Law of Attraction, but few people understand why it’s so important, and even fewer people understand how to do it properly.

Using The Law of Attraction, the Law of Detachment When Manifesting Desires More Easily

First let’s explore why this law is so important in manifesting your desires. As you probably know, the Law of Attraction is always responding to your dominant feelings on any given subject. If you are trying to attract money and abundance, you need to resonate on the frequency of money and abundance in order to allow it into your life.

When you feel abundant, you are allowing abundance. When you feel broke and unhappy, you are allowing more “brokeness” and unhappiness.

Consider for a moment the emotional qualities of attachment and detachment.

How Detachment helps with Manifesting Desires More Easily

Attachment is clingy, needy, desperate and scarcity focused. Detachment is calm, relaxed and open.

When you cling to anything emotionally, you are radiating a signal to the universe that you do not have it and you really, really want it! Broadcasting a strong desire is good, but broadcasting scarcity is NOT good. It will block that thing from coming to you because you are not vibrationally aligned with receiving it.

When you deliberately let go of your attachment to money or anything else, you start communicating a signal of peace and well-being to the universe, and you start opening to receive it.

So, here’s the big question…

HOW do you release your attachment to something, especially if you really need it badly?

Here’s one of the best techniques I’ve used for manifesting desires more easily – It is the habit of saying to myself over and over again, “Let go, let go, let go . . . it will come to me easily if I just let go. I turn this over to the universe now and trust that it will come to me with perfect timing.”

It does take practice to really get comfortable with the technique, but it works wonders if you keep saying it!

It’s especially important to say this whenever you start to feel tense and worried that your desire might not be granted. For example, when you experience a strong need for money and it seems like no money is coming – shake yourself out of that worried, anxious state of mind and repeat the above affirmation until you feel more relaxed again. Later, if the anxiety comes back, say it again . . . and again . . . and again!

Keep repeating this technique as many times as you have to until you start to feel more comfortable with detachment.

Manifesting Desires Gets Easier With Practice

Remember, you don’t have to give up your intention or your desire. In fact, the stronger your intention and desire are, the faster your desires will manifest.

However, be sure you are laying your desires and intentions on a foundation of joy, gratitude, and optimism – knowing and trusting completely that they WILL be yours. Never express worry, doubt, or impatience about them because doing so will only delay their arrival.

Trust, believe, KNOW that they are coming, and do what you can to keep letting go and feeling good in the meantime.

Does the idea of finding out more about manifesting desires more easily by letting go resonate with you? Does it feel right to take a closer look to discover exactly how it works and how to do it? Then consider Wendy’s new 30-Day workshop on blissful abundance.

Guest Author: Wendy Bett

Wendy is an expert on the Law of Attraction, EFT/Tapping, and Manifesting Abundance. She has published numerous downloadable guides, trainings, and courses on these subjects and especially about how to use them to achieve prosperity, abundance, and a happier life. Her newest course is about how to make the Law of Attraction work more effectively through Blissful Detachment for manifesting desires more easily.

Manifesting Abundance – How to get what you want

manifesting abundanceHow would you like to get what you want? In today’s article, I’m going to focus on several key steps that will help making it happen and a few things to avoid. It’s all about manifesting abundance, in whatever shape and form you would like it to appear.

I know you’ve heard about the Secret and the Law of Attraction, so I’m not going to go into unnecessary detail. However, there are several key areas we need to address:

1) Focus on what you DO want

Many of us (yours truly included) often approaches manifesting by focusing on what we don’t want. And we’ve seen the evidence of how well this works, or rather doesn’t work. If we say, I do NOT want to be in debt, the universe will hear I want debt and will give it to us.

So instead, as Abraham says, we should focus on what we do want. Acknowledging what we don’t want serves as a starting point for that – it helps us figure out what it is we actually want. So if I do not want debt, I want an abundance of money, enough to pay my bills easily, joyfully, and in a timely manner, with plenty left over.

Whatever it is you want, find a way to phrase it in a way that highlights what you DO want.

2) Focus on your emotions

Next, we need to realize that our emotions are what really attract things and events to us. If we’re frustrated and bitter because we didn’t get the raise, we’ll attract more of what makes us frustrated and bitter. So let’s cut it out already.

I know that this can be difficult. I used to be a walking talking festering boil of resentment and I’m now kicking myself for having wasted so much time because this indulgence in negative emotions only attracted more reasons to feel miserable and resentful.

The first person who explained that concept to me was psychic Bill Burns. He said, I need to be happy first, and THEN things will go well. I tried to explain to him I’d be happy once I get the things I wanted and needed. He, of course, wasn’t having any of it!

And now I know he was right. Actually, I have known for years now, but it took a while until I mastered the art of feeling good while I didn’t have what I wanted… YET.

Oh, and Abraham also pointed out that emotions speak louder than words, so if you say “I’m happy, I’m happy,” but inside you feel angry and frustrated, the universe will only hear “angry and frustrated” and will deliver more of what will make you more angry and frustrated.

3) Manifesting abundance

So how do you manifest abundance? You focus on the kind of abundance you want, and the feelings you’re going to have when you get it. And then you start generating the feelings you’ve just imagined for real, even if your abundance hasn’t shown up yet.

Actually, it’s really not that hard. We all have abundance on some level. I have an abundance of books. So I can just express my gratitude and joy at having all those books.

And that’s not all. Did you know that we can express gratitude even for things that haven’t actually happened yet? We can say we’re grateful they’re on their way, they’re getting closer, they’re already there but not quite in our reality yet, and so on.

4) Gratitude

I know I mentioned that above, but it deserves its own section. Yes, you need to be grateful for what you have. Whether you’re keeping a gratitude journal or thank the universe several times a day for all the good things that are in your life, it works.

Not only will it help you overcome resistance to having what you want come into your life, but it will also improve your mood and make you more joyful, and THAT, in turn, is what helps you attract what you want.

5) Repeat daily to get what you want

Here’s the key: you have to do it daily. Every day, think of what it is you want in a positive way, appreciate things in your life that are already moving in the right direction, appreciate whatever makes you happy, and be grateful and joyful.

And before you know it… You’ve attracted what you really want.

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Law of Attraction Frustration and How to Cope

Discovering the Law of Attraction can be life-changing, but it can also be frustrating.  Keeping up your spirits can be hard, especially when things aren’t quite coming into our reality as fast as we’d like, and especially in the face of all those naysayers in our lives…

Have you ever tried to explain to your boss that you work with the Law of Attraction and Allowing and the way he or she wanted you to do things just didn’t fit?  I don’t think it’s even worth trying…

And I just came across an article that captures that sense of temporary discouragement perfectly and made me feel soooo much better.

Ann-Marie Caffrey on her Smart-Attractor Blog has a brilliant post up right now:

Check it out.

Of course it all comes back to that sometimes elusive “allowing,” that is necessary for the Law of Attraction to be able to work properly.

After slacking off for quite a while, I’ve recommitted myself to my daily practice of meditation, but not just any meditation — no, I’m doing the Quantum Touch Body/Mind/Spirit Integration Meditation (described in the Super-Charging book).

And the coolest thing…

As I wrote in an article quite a while ago, miraculous things started happening as soon as I started meditating (okay, within a few days of that), and now too, things start picking up after a few days of getting back to basics.

And as I read through my Supercharging book the other day, I finally understand just why this is so powerful (must have forgotten — I now remember that they did mention that during the workshop, but at the time manifestation and allowing were concepts I didn’t really understand too well and thought they were a bit beyond my capabilities).

Not so.  In fact, here’s an article I wrote more than a year ago:—Confessions-of-a-Formerly-Reluctant-Meditator&id=905641

I wrote it after realizing the significance of that breakthrough in “getting” meditation, thanks to a comment on an Abraham-Hicks CD.

I used to think meditation was boring and didn’t have any use for it, but no more.  And the Quantum Touch Supercharging touch really, uhm, supercharges its effectiveness.

But it all comes down to allowing, which I finally understand much better, even though it’s still a challenge.  I have found, like Ann-Marie says in her article, that once I allow and don’t try to force it, no matter what it is I’m trying to get or accomplish, that things work out better, and sometimes come together almost miraculously.

Last year, around this time, I came across a saying, Miraculate in 2008.  Now it’s 2009, and I need to figure out something to rhyme with “9” and so I’ve been thinking of things like, Prosperity is mine in 2009 (and yeah, I’m all for that), but here’s one that just popped into my head:

All will be fine in 2009!

Letting go and trusting that, yes, all will be fine if we just let it be.

Which reminds me of Mary Oliver’s poem “The Wild Geese” that goes something like…

You don’t have to be good…. you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

Here’s a link for a version of that poem set to music:

Have a wonderful day! And remember:

“All will be fine in 2009”


Air Travel, Jet Lag, Sleep, And Self-Care (And Better Timing Of Stopovers): How Many More Times Do I Need To Learn THIS Lesson?

If you travel frequently or even just every now and then, especially across lots of time zones, here’s a tip that’ll save you some grief:

I learned it the hard way (very hard) years ago when flying back and forth to Germany and discovering stopovers in Iceland (courtesy of Iceland Air):

It seemed like a good idea at the time to stop in Iceland on the way to Germany, but I’ll never do that again. Why? Compounded jet lag and sleep deprivation:

I left in the evening from Baltimore (meaning I left MUCH earlier in Richmond, got to Iceland at something like 5 a.m., and then had a whole day of “fun” in Iceland ahead of me. Problem: I can’t sleep on airplanes and I don’t function on no sleep.

So really, I was sleepwalking through Reykjavik for hours, waiting for my hotel to allow me to check in. I did take a nap when it let me in at long last (so this is what I spent my stopover doing, mostly), then went back out etc. What with the time difference and me being a night person anyway, I went to sleep very late, only to have to get up again at 4 a.m.!

Needless to say, I felt horrible for several days once I arrived in Germany, much worse than usual (and I don’t do too well going that way to start with).

The conclusion I drew from that experience: if I ever stop over again in Reykjavik, I’ll do so on the way BACK! I’ll get there in the afternoon, and leave in the afternoon the next day. Full value from the hotel and a good night’s sleep, and I’ll arrive well-rested back home.

Fast forward a few years and to flying in the other direction — to New Zealand. It seemed like a good idea at the time to stop in San Francisco for a couple of days each time I came through. I could buy two sets of tickets, didn’t have to shell out the whole amount all at once, and I got to spend time with my friends in San Francisco, which also happens to be one of my favorite cities.

Well… I didn’t feel too good when I got back home last year after doing that particular routine. But I was too busy to really think about it (started teaching the VERY next morning), so I did it AGAIN.

This time, as I mentioned in my last entry, I was still recovering from the flu. Well… Here’s compounded jet lag and how it works going from NZ to Richmond:

Leaving in the afternoon in Wellington.  Leaving in the evening in Auckland.  No sleep on plane (12 hours or so) (though I did doze off a little a couple of times), arriving in San Francisco around lunchtime.

I totally crashed the first night, but the second one I was kept awake by non-stop hacking cough. And THEN, I had to get up early to catch the plane to Richmond (short night), and got stranded in Chicago (little sleep due to no luggage and no ear plugs AND due to having to get up at 6 to catch next plane). I got really sick all over again once I made it home.

I’m only now starting to feel better. And I have definitely learned another lesson:

When doing stop-overs on the way to New Zealand, do them going West the next time, and NOT going East. Same lesson as from the Iceland Air experience: Going East, go direct, going West, stops work great.

Maybe I’m a bit fussy when it comes to quality of sleep, but so what? Sleep is important, and I don’t think even I take it seriously enough, or this sort of thing wouldn’t have happened. I know I feel better, stay healthier, and function a heck of a lot better when I get enough of it and at the right time too.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section 😉