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Better Sleep & Less Stress — They Go Hand in Hand

Better sleep? Less stress? One depends on the other, and if you’re plagued either by insomnia or excess stress,you’re caught up in a vicious cycle, also known as a catch-22.

So what to do?

Not sleeping enough makes it harder to cope, and that will increase your stress. And being stressed can keep you from sleeping, right?

Ever spent a night fretting about something, an upcoming exam, bills, a job interview, your kids, your health? And the next day, things only got worse, and you were dog tired.

One way to break through that cycle is to break it somewhere.

By finding a way to cut down on the stress, you may well be able to regain your ability to sleep well.

And when you sleep better, you can cope with your life a lot better.

Here are a few tips:

1) Keep a notepad by your bedside.

This will help tame your overactive brain. Whatever worries you might have, just write them all down. You’re basically turning them over to your notebook (or the Universe, or God), where they will be where you left them, but probably less daunting.

And your brain actually goes to work on them once you go to sleep, so you might even wake up with a solution.

There are other techniques that will help you break through that cycle. There’s EFT, of course, and if you attended the EFT summit I wrote about recently, you’ll know all about that.


What else?


Yeah, right. If you’re stressed, how are you supposed to meditate?

Okay, I admit it. It’s not exactly easy, but it IS extremely helpful. And you don’t have to make it more complicated than necessary. Here”s the easy meditation method recommended by Abraham:

Sit (or lie) comfortably, close your eyes, and take deep, slow, comfortable breaths. And just focus on thhose breaths, in and out, in and out, one after the other.

If you mind should wander, just gently bring it back to your breath. Do that for about ten minutes, and you’ll be a WHOLE lot less stressed.

It’s best to set a kitchen timer though 😉 so you won’t have to try to check if the ten minutes are up yet — or worry about going to sleep.

Unless, of course, you’re doing this at the end of the day. In that case, by all means, leave the kitchen timer turned off and just keep breathing and focusing on your breath, and before you know it, you’ll …. wake up.

Hope this helps.

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Free Stress Tips for my Twitter Friends :-)

Want my Free Stress Tips Report, without signing up?  It’s hidden in here somewhere 😉

I want to get that report out there, and preferably some feedback too.  And I’d like some of the people who read it to come to my next teleseminar.

What will I do on my next teleseminar?  Talk about how to relieve stress under the most stressful of circumstances.  Why? Because no amount of stressing is going to make anything any better.

Instead, action, especially focused action, does.  But it’s hard to take action, especially action that makes sense, when you’re too stressed to function.

So let others call my approach to stress relief Band Aid Approach.  I stand behind it.  I wouldn’t be here without it!  It helps. It allows you to get on with it even if you think that getting swallowed up by the earth just about now sounds really quite appealing (temporarily anyway).

That’s no license to not look at what’s going on and what’s making you stressed.  But the thing is, you’re much better able to look at it when you’re not in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

So what stress relief techniques do I like especially? You mean other than aromatherapy stress relief?

I like the combination approach.  Bring it on.  Some relaxing music in the background, some stress relief meditation, some stress management exercises, some hot chocolate in my cup, some aromatherapy in my diffuser (I love the “Aroma Shell Diffuser” which you can get from some New Age or health food stores, or from, which is where I get a lot of my aromatherapy stuff).

What do I love about my diffuser? You plug it in, it has a little dish that gets warm, but not hot (no fire hazard), and it makes the oil, well, diffuse! And it takes about a minute or two till it works. No noise. No wind. No droplets flying about the air.  Very, very economical.  Two drops can last quite a while.

And then some EFT.  I’ll teach you all how in my next teleseminar! Which could be as early as this week.  Sign up for my list if you want to know when it will be.

So you want my other stress tips? You’ll have to buy the ebook 😉

Just kidding.  You can get them right here.  No opt-in required.  It may take a moment to load though.  And I do hope you’ll opt in anyway of course. You can do so at the top right, or you can do so here.

Thanks a bunch, and let’s all take a deeeeeep breath! Aaaahhhh!


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Stress Management, Time Management and Their Relationship

Not all stress comes from lack of time.  There are plenty of other things we stress about all the time, from money to relationships to having to give a presentation at work.

But not having enough time is just about guaranteed to cause stress.  So stress management and time management are definitely closely related.

So what do you do when you have too much on your plate?  There’s only so much you really CAN do. And wearing yourself out by overworking leaves you with no place to go when a “real” crisis comes up.

There are two sides to this: the stress, and the time.  What you want is tools for both of them.  You need a way to ratchet down the stress so you can think more clearly, and then address the time issues.

For stress, you have many options.  You could get my free stress tips report and use some of the tips, or you could get the real thing: My Instant Stress Relief Strategies Resource Guide to stress busting strategies.

That guide hands you a series of strategies from which you can pick and choose.  Experiment, try some out, and see what works especially well for you.

And once you have gotten some stress management tools at your disposal, you can tackle the real issue: Not enough time.

Or rather, trying to cram too much into the time you have. And that often comes from trying to please too many people all at once.

So how to get around that? Well, you may have heard about the 80/20 rule.  And that’s a good start.  But what is part of the 20% that you ought to be doing?

This is where my favorite time management course comes in.  It helps you figure out what to do, how to do it quickly and efficiently, and how make the most of your time.

One of the biggest problems in time management is procrastination. That’s where this program really shines.

And most procrastination has to do with insecurity or indecision. It will show you how to make decisions quickly.  It also teaches you how to quickly make yourself feel more confident (there’s some NLP involved).

And, with the tools that are in this course, it will help you get a tremendous amount done in record time as you cut through procrastination like it was butter on a warm summer day.

So check it out.  It may be just what the time doctor ordered 😉

And here’s another blog post on time management.

Better Time Management (especially for Internet Marketers and Other Stressed Professionals): The Ultimate Path to Long-Term Stress Relief

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Sooner or later, any self-help blog must address the issue of better Time Management.  Of course that word is really a misnomer.  Time cannot be managed.  It does what it does, which is to keep on moving.  What needs managing is us: what we do with that time as it passes or as we pass through it, or whatever.

And stress?  Well, stress tends to come from a feeling of not-enough-ness. Whether there’s not enough money, time, or  love, the result tends to be stress.

Money or its absence seems to be a big cause of stress. But time is even worse. We can always make more money, at least theoretically.  But once time is gone, it’s irretrievably gone.  There’s no way to get it back, let alone get more of it.

So how we handle time makes a big difference to our well-being — and to what we accomplish. It also goes with my favorite quote by one of my favorite (late) stress management experts: Roger Mellott:  He said: “Do what you say you value.”

Now most of us value living up to our commitments.  Most of us also value being liked.  And voila!  A big conflict.  Because in order to be liked, we commit to more than we can handle, and that can quickly bring us into conflict with our need to live up to our commitments. Ouch!

On some level, better time management skills allow us to work more effectively or more quickly, which in turn helps us get more done.  There’s a limit of course.

But still.  That’s the premise, and certainly doubling our productivity can do wonders for our income as well as our feelings of accomplishment.

And it can reduce stress because now we’re living up to the expectations of those w have made commitments to — and to our own expectations. And we may have more money too.

So how can we achieve better time management?  How can we be more productive?  Should we live by the 80/20 rule?  Well, there’s actually an even better way.

Check out the coolest time management courses I have ever come across. It’s by Jason Fladlien. Yes, the same guy who has been teaching people how to write 7-minute articles.  It was just a matter of time before he would expand his principles to other areas.

And his time management course is brilliant as well as a total steal!  It’s a multi-media course with workbook and extensive worksheets.  You can read the book first and then watch the videos for reinforcement and for all the details…  there’s also an audio-only webinar — which was the original time management seminar.

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Do I have the course?  Of course I do.  In fact, I’m actually in it!  And when Jason offered me the resale rights, I immediately took him up on it.  The course is that good!

Go take a look:  Jason’s Time Management Course.

And let me know what you think.

Have a fantastic — and very low-stress day, especially with your new-found Better Time Management Skills.


Stress Tips Continued… Focus on what you DO want

As far as stress tips go, this one is key:

Focus on what you DO want!

When we get stressed, we can easily get so wrapped up in our stressful situation that it’s hard to see beyond it.  That’s a recipe for staying stuck and even making things worse.

Whatever we focus on, we get more of.  Have you ever noticed that?

Now, you may say for example, well, you focus on wanting money, but where is it?

Well… when you focus on wanting more money from the perspective of not having enough of it, guess where your focus REALLY lies.

And speaking of affirmations, especially prosperity affirmations…

I remember that once, on my quest for finding good affirmations for prosperity, I came across the advice to repeat the following affirmation:

“I am a debt-free Millionaire”

Uhm…  I was very far away from debt-free OR a millionaire, and both I and my subconscious knew it.  So where was my focus really when I said that?  On lack!

Not good.  In fact, that sort of thing will only increase your stress and other negative emotions, and probably add despair to the equation.

So what can we do to get around that? Abraham and Abraham-Hicks have some great advice on that, and I’ll introduce you to another amazing resource I’ve been finding very helpful lately in the next few days 😉

The key of their teachings is this:

Focus on what you DO want.  But phrase it in a way that doesn’t trigger contradiction.

So instead of saying, “I have a million dollars in the bank” when you don’t, why not say the following:

“I’d love to have a million dollars in the bank.”


“The idea of having a million dollars in the bank feels really good.”

Doesn’t that make sense?

Ditto for any other issue you might be facing.

And if you’d like some support on your quest for a less stressful life, check out my the next post for a special offer 😉 or go to my Coaching page.

And have a fabulous day!


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