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My Top 10 Favorite Self-Help Blog Articles (Annotated Links from Ezine Articles)

2009 is here, and January is already halfway over. Can’t believe how quickly this happened all of a sudden.  And I have a very apropos artlce and wanted to give you a resource list of some of my favorite self-help articles (and other useful ones) for easy reference (with quick annotation):

Another take on New Year’s resolutions:

How to stay calm (or calm down) under pressure:

Get a Great Job in 2009!

Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to cope with job interview stress (or any other stress) (complete with step-by-step instructions):

EFT for Job Interview Stress

Sell Stuff on vs. Ebay and how to get the most buck for your stuff:

Sell Stuff on Amazon and make more money

Stress and the Law of Attraction, and how stress prevents you from getting what you really want:

Stress and LOA

Beat sugar addiction now that the holidays are over…

Beat Sugar Addiction

Job stress, health and consequences & what to do about it:

The ultimate (and probably controversial) stress management technique 😉

And here’s a big vibration lifter:

Better than a sleeping pill:

Write yourself to sleep


P.S.: I just counted and it looks like there are 11 of them…  The last one is a bonus!

A very inspirational blog by Gail Goodwin with great stories/parables found thanks to Twitter!

A new Twitter friend and find:  Gail Goodwin, her inspirational blog and in particular her story “Just a little fog”  Loved it! And a great fit for my self help blog, which is all about feeling better and living a happier, more fulfilled life.

Find it here: Gail’s inspirational blog

Do check it out.  It really spoke to me — got a bit of fog of my own right about now, though it’s starting to lift again 😉

And while you’re at it, read the Jellyfish story too (I got my own jellyfish as well), along with her other stories.

Great stuff.  Enjoy!

Stuck in a Rut? Change Your Life! Why Not? But Preparation Might Be A Good Idea…

A very cool Change-Your-Life blog just popped into my radar, and I thought you might find it interesting…

After being in the middle of a major life change myself (well, I already jumped off the cliff, now working on growing the wings in a great big hurry), I’ve read this post with great interest:

Levnow’s blog on preparing to change your life

And the rest of the blog is very interesting too. Another candidate for my blog roll 😉

I’ve been gathering books around my (as is my habit) to help me figure out the next step. Among them the following:

My favorite Abraham-Hicks books (and CDs): Ask and it is given, the amazing power of deliberate intent, and, well, I’m waiting with baited breath (whatever that means) for the new one that’s going to come out, oh, about next week!

Then: Always change a losing game,

When the Buddha gets stuck

Alan Cohen: Why Your Life Sucks

And more… I’ll add them, along with the details, later. Right now I have to run off to get a technical hick-up sorted out before the store closes (my old external hard drive with iPod library etc. is acting up and the new one I just got to rescue the stuff on the old one isn’t working!)

One saying by Alan Cohen is taped to my kitchen cabinet so I see it every day:

“The Purpose of Life is not to arrive safely at death!”

So let’s go with the Carpe Diem motif: Let’s enjoy each day and (almost) everything in it. And if there’s anything in there that we don’t enjoy and that’s changeable, by all means, let’s change it!

P.S.:  Just came across another COOL Blog and a terrific article: 10 Steps for Lifelong Fulfillment Check it out!

Balance: A Moving (but Worthy) Target/Goal or an Illusion?

I often wish my life had more balance. But no — it’s way out of whack. Which makes me feel like I’m failing somehow. Yet I don’t think I am. Balance is not really possible anymore in this era of more, more, more and total everything overload. And the only way to cope? Alternating priorities. Can’t do it all at once!

I had to think of that when I looked at my woefully neglected blog and realized I hadn’t posted anything in OVER A MONTH! Eeeek!

Sorry about that. What happened? My priorities shifted a bit: I got ready and then went on that trip to New Zealand I’ve been writing about. There, among other things, I had a conference to get ready for (prepare presentation) and participate in (it was GREAT and well worth the time I put in).

What I mean is this: New Zealand was great! Seeing my friend again was great. And the conference was just fantastic. Better than any of the previous editions of that particular conference that I’ve been to. In part, that was due to the conference organizers who did an amazing job. The people who where there. The great papers. But also to me. I think I’m less shy and less easily intimidated than I used to be years ago, and so I enjoyed things a whole lot more, connected with lots of people, new ones, as well as people I had known for years and years.

Wellington was windy, like it always is this time of the year, but also gorgeous. And the view from the apartment where I stayed was just phenomenal. I’ll post a few pictures in an upcoming blog post.

And then I caught the NZ flu or something. I’ve been overdosing on a range of flu meds for more than a week now. And I’m still coughing up a storm.

Also, it did a real number on my poor ears on the flight back (right now I’m in San Francisco, typing this in an internet cafe). A piece of advice: avoid flying with stuffed-up sinuses at all cost. It hurts!

So about that balance thing: The idea is that if we do things right, we can really have balance in our lives. Poppycock. Most of us have way to much stuff in there to balance it all and still sleep.

So what to do? Have those things take turns. So while I was in NZ I focused mostly on NZ things, my friend there, the conference, the gorgeous scenery. And now that I’m on my way back home, I’ll get back to where I left off with my other endeavors.

I’m also working on a new project (more about that soon — for now it’s strictly under wraps).

And the most important bit: don’t feel guilty if you can’t do it all, all of the time. Cycle through your priorities, giving each one a turn at the top of the list so stuff gets done, and then have it slide to the back burner while other items take the top spot — for a little while.

It’s the only way. We are human, and we forget that there are limits in how much we can do. Our minds can conjure up fantastic goals and plans, but our bodies have limitations. And the more we respect and honor our bodies, the better our chances to reach our goals.

Like Abraham says, the most important thing is that we feel good. If that sounds selfish to you, just think about it for a minute. What will you be able to do if you don’t take care of yourself first?

Having been on quite a few plane trips recently, watching that safety video over and over, I can see it vividly in front of me:

“Be sure to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting other passengers!”

I know you’ve seen it too. What’s the message here? In order to be of any use to anyone else, we need to take care of ourselves first.

More soon. And yes, I’m baaack! I’ll be posting here at least once or twice a week, if not even more often.

Have a great day! And give yourself a break 🙂

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