Birthday Thoughts: TWO Special Birthdays

Do you love birthdays? I do!

And so I’ve decided to share my birthday thoughts…

Every year, on my birthday, I reflect on the past year, the things I’m grateful for, the… uhm… “growth opportunities” I have made it through in one piece, and so on.

I also spend some time thinking about what that next year might bring, with anticipation. And a bit of deliberate planning or rather (en)visioning.

birthday thoughts


On my birthday 18 years ago, I was in the middle of going through chemotherapy for breast cancer, and I wasn’t sure whether I’d make it to my next birthday, so every single one of my birthdays after that has been a gift!

You can find a couple of my poems about that experience on my special website for that topic:

YOUR Birthday Thoughts?

So how about YOU?

How do you feel about YOUR birthdays? Do you celebrate?

How do you celebrate?

Or would you prefer people forgot that you had them?

So let’s get to the two special birthdays, in the order the birthday “kids” were born:

Special Birthday #1

Well, my friend and mentor Dennis is definitely in the “Celebration” camp! And this year, he has a big milestone birthday!

So I want to help him celebrate!

Happy Birthday Dennis!!!

You see, to celebrate, Dennis has put together a totally insane package of some really valuable info (almost all of which I already have, and every one of the included items is excellent!)

It’s more than $200 worth of outstanding information about how to build an online biz and make it thrive.

But even if all you have is a personal blog – there’s ONE must-have item in there that you’ll want anyway, and that item alone is worth at least twice as much as the “investment”.

What is it? It’s a guide that tells you exactly how to protect your blog from hackers! And even if you’ll use nothing else, that guide alone is worth at least twice the price of Dennis’s special (and let’s not even think about the cost of having your blog hacked!

This is really priceless information!

Fact is, the whole birthday deal is less than a fast food meal for two (without dessert!).

Less than two fancy coffee concoctions at Starbucks!

Less than ONE movie ticket!

UPDATE: Sorry, this deal is no longer available. But the one below IS.

And in case you’re wondering… yes, this is the same Dennis I told you about a while ago (at least if you get my emails or tweets), the one who went from broke and deeply in debt to owning a booming business in just a few years.

Speaking of which… How’d he do it? With a very simple step-by-step plan (check out his story):

CLICK HERE for Dennis’ 5 Bucks Story!

Special Birthday #2

And there’s another birthday today… Not quite a milestone (that’ll come in two years), but still:

My sister!

Happy Birthday Sophia! 🙂

She too enjoys celebrating her birthdays and was off partying (I assume) when I called. So I had to sing her “Happy Birthday” on her answering machine!

I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to talk to her in person, but it’s her who has the special day, not me, though I sure am glad she was born, and I remember that with appreciation every time her birthday rolls around.

As I do for my other sisters, my brother, my friends, etc.

I thought about calling her yesterday, but the thing is that we have this little superstition in Germany (at least in the circles I was moving in when I lived there) that you’re not supposed to wish people “Happy Birthday” early.

Belated is fine on the other hand, though the best way is to wish them Happy Birthday right on their birthday!

So there are two special birthdays today, and probably millions of others as well, considering we only have 365 days to pick from.

And if it’s YOUR birthday today, I wish you a very happy one too, as well as a fantastic next year.

In keeping with the birthday thoughts theme of this post, I just remembered a greeting card I came across years ago (and which I sent to a friend who wasn’t quite so happy with HIS milestone birthday) that said…

Your birthday is the day the earth was graced with your presence!

I think that’s an excellent way to put it.

Whether today is your birthday or not, you have one every year, so why not celebrate your presence on this earth today and every day…

I forgot whether it was someone in Alice in Wonderland or Winnie the Pooh who was celebrating unbirthdays. I’m all for it 😉

Have a fantastic day!